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Hydrostatic pressure transmitters for fluids level measurement

How it work ?

Hydrostatic pressure transmitters are often used to measure fluids level, because pressure value has close relationship ship with the fluids level stored in the vessel. We all know below formula:
P is the tank pressure measurement value
Ρ is the media density
g is fluids gravity value
h is the level value of medium
We can see that when the fluids density and gravity not changing, the level value is proportional to the liquid pressure measurement value. So we can conclude that the hydrostatic pressure sensor can be used to measure fluids height on condition that the fluids density and the gravity not changed which means this kind of level measurement should be at atmospheric, and the tank should be vented, and not sealed.

Where to install the sensor

The pressure measurement transmitters is mounted at the bottom of the tank to detect the pressure value, if customers has difficulty to mount at the bottom of the vessel, we can choose SHLT02 series cable type level sensor, the level transmitters installed at the top of the tank, and the cable and sensor is thrown into the medium and touch the bottom of the tank.

Pros and Cons of Hydrostatic pressure transmitters

  • Low cost of level transmitter
  • Easy to install and maintains the level sensor
  • Good accuracy
  • Only work under atmospheric condition
  • Fluids density cannot change, otherwise wrong value
  • Can only for liquid level measurement, not for solids

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