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Water Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor is composed of the thermostat part and the water level control part, and it is equipped with the decompression device in front of the electric valve and the rotary anechoic heater for heating.

The water level sensor in the container sends the water level signals to the controller. The computer in the controller compares the measured water level signal with the set signal to get the deviation. Then, according to the nature of the deviation, the instruction of "opening" and "closing" to the water supply valve is issued to ensure that the container reaches the set water level. When the influent program is completed, the temperature controls part of the computer to send out the "open" instruction to the electric valve, so the system starts to heat the water in the container. When the temperature is set, the controller sends out the command of the shut-off valve, cut off the heat source, and the system enters the state of heat preservation. In the process of programming, we should ensure that the electric control valve that controls the heat source does not open the valve without reaching the safe water level, thereby avoiding the loss of heat and the occurrence of accidents.

The thermistor type water thermometer consists of a thermistor water temperature sensor and a double metal sheet. The thermistor is the transmitter of the water temperature information, the electric heating wire of the double metal sheet is the receiving part, and the two are connected in series. The transmitter, the water temperature sensor, are installed in the channel and are in contact with the cooling water. When the water temperature is low, the thermistor value is high, the current in the loop is small, the heating quantity of the resistance wire is small, the bimetal sheet is slightly bent, and the indicating pin is in the low temperature area. When the water temperature is high, the value of the thermistor is small. Through the large current of the loop, the heating capacity of the resistance wire is large, the bimetallic sheet has large bending deformation, and the indicating needle points to the high temperature area.
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