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What is magnetic flow meter and its uses

What is magnetic flow meter and its uses

What is magnetic flow meter?

Magnetic flowmeter is an automatic measuring instrument for conductive liquid flow measurement. Electromagnetic flow meter is mainly used to measure the liquid instant flow rate, flow velocity and accumulate the totalzied flow, and Mag flow meter converter can transmit the collected data to the host computer or automated control system through communication cables or wireless methods. The system analyzes the measured data to control the fluid in the process pipeline accordingly.

What is the principle of magnetic flow meter?
The principle of magnetic flowmeter is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. The mag flow sensor is composed of a coil, electrodes and an insulating lining. During the measurement, the excitation coil in the sensor generates a magnetic field. When the conductive liquid passes through the magnetic field, due to the cutting force of the magnetic field lines, a tiny induced electromotive force is generated. The induced electromotive force is collected and sent to the converter part of the instrument, and the signal is amplified and corrected, and then converted into the corresponding flow data through the formula, and finally displayed to the flow meter display or output 4-20mA , frequency or pulse to PLC, DCS .,etc

What is magnetic flow meter uses?
Electromagnetic flowmeters have been widely used in the measurement of various conductive liquids in the industry. For example, measuring various acids, alkalis, salts , such as sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sea water, sewage, hypochlorous acid, acetic acid,hydrofluoric acid and other corrosive liquids; various industrial sewage, paper pulp, mud, etc. It can also take measurement of tap water, drink water, juice, milk, drinking water, also.

According to the application, there are small size (DN4 to 1”), middle size (1.5-8 inch) and large size (8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch.,etc) magnetic flow meters.  Large size magnetic flowmeters are mostly used in effluent, waste water, water supply and drainage engineering. Small to medium size mag meters are often used in pulp industry, such as measurement paper pulp and black liquor ;slurry , liquid with suspended solids or mud in metallurgical or coal industry; corrosive and aggressive liquid or solution in chemical industry; to measure juice , milk , clean water in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, and biological engineering with sanitary and hygienic demands.

What are the mag meter advantages to have wide applications and uses?

  • Electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of volume flow meter. During the measurement process, it is not affected by the temperature, viscosity (not too high however), density of the measured liquid. So after the mag sensor is calibrated by water, it can be used for the liquid measurement.
  • Electromagnetic flowmeter has a simple structure, no moving parts, and no throttling parts, so when the conductive liquid passes through the mag flow sensor, it will not cause any additional pressure loss, and it will not cause such as wear, blockage, etc. It is especially suitable for dirty liquid, such as waste water or water with suspended solids or particles.
  • Magnetic flow meter can be with many kinds liners and electrodes material selections, it make possible for different liquid measurement, no matter aggressive liquid or abrasive liquid.
  • It can be used for large size pipelines, such as DN800, DN900, or even DN2000.

Magnetic flow meter disadvantages to limit the uses

  • Electromagnetic flowmeter cannot be used to measure gas, vapor and liquid containing a large amount of gas.
  • Magnetic flowmeter cannot be used to measure liquid with very low conductivity. The conductivity of the measured liquid cannot be lower than 10-5 (S/cm), so it can not measure distilled water, petroleum liquid, organic solvents, such as petrol, diesel,alcohol.,etc
  • It needs enough straight pipelines before and after magnetic flow meters to ensure the accurate measurement.

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