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Electromagnetic Flow Meter is Equipped with a Ground Ring

Electromagnetic flow meter is designed according to Faraday's electromagnetic induction law to measure the volume flow of conductive fluid. Due to its unique characteristics, it has been widely used in industrial measurement of various conductive liquids. It is mainly used in chemical, paper, food, textile, metallurgy, environmental protection, water supply and drainage industries. It can be used as sewage /waste water flow meter, acid/alkali flow meter, milk flow meter.,etc.
Why should the magnetic flow meter be equipped with a ground ring during the actual installation? Let me explain to you:

What is the Function of Electromagnetic flow meter with earthling ring?

The function of the earthing ring of the electromagnetic flow sensor:
If the pipe which connecting the flow instrument (contact directly with medium being measured) is insulative, the earthing ring shall be used, and its wet parts material shall be selected according to the corrosion of the medium being measured. If the inner lining material of the electromagnetic flow meter sensor is PTFE, a ground ring should be used to protect the flanged of PTFE from damage.

Electromagnetic flow meter

Why should the electromagnetic flow meter be grounded?

Whether the mag flow meter sensor is grounded or not is directly related to the accuracy and stability of the flow measurement. The ground wire must not transmit any interference voltage. Therefore, other electrical equipment should not be connected to the same ground wire. As long as it is grounded according to the requirements, the mag flow sensor is connected to the metal pipe, and the medium in the metal pipe has a good electrical connection with the earth, so that the electromagnetic flow sensor can no longer be equipped with ground wire. If there are higher requirements for the docking site, or when there is strong electromagnetic interference in the surrounding working environment, the ground wire can be set independently.

Installation precaution for electromagnetic meters

When the magnetic flow meter sensor is installed on the plastic pipe or the pipe with insulating paint or paint, the two ends of the mag flow sensor should be installed with ground wire, so that the measured medium in the pipe and the earth short circuit have zero potential, otherwise the electromagnetic flow transmitters cannot work normally.

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magnetic flow meter

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