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Industrial air flow meter

Air flow meter types

Silver Automation Instruments have many industrial air flow meter solutions; we sell various industrial air flow sensors and transmitters, such as volumetric flow meter, inline air flow meter, digital air flow meters,industrial mass air flow meter, gas turbine flow meter, thermal mass flow meter, dry air flow meters in insertion style, vortex flow meter, low air flow meter with ml/min flow units, micro air flow meter used in the lab, vacuum flow meter, differential pressure air flow meter.

Why we need industrial air flow meter?

Compressed air is a very useful part of many industries worldwide. I's uses vary from powering of heavy duty tools like drills, hammers, running of air cylinders in automated processes, atomizing paint etc. Due to high energy costs involved in its generation, it's a costly commodity and hence its use needs to be monitored adequately to economize the overall processes. Facility managers undertake several measures like compressed air audits to keep a check on its utilization. The audit is conducted with the help of an industrial air flow meter, which measures the usage in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). It helps the management to identify any wasteful practices, leakages as well as inefficient procedures in the industry. A regular and effective audit can save huge amounts of funds from being wasted by enabling optimization of the usage of compressed air. Industrial air flow sensor provides effective measurement of air flow rate. The accuracy of measurements from a CFM air flow meter depends mainly on the precision of measurement of mass flow. 
Industrial air flow meter

Industrial air flow meter applications

We need industrial air flow meter in many applications, such as air flow measurement in air compressor system, to measure combustion air to boiler fuel, detect leaks in the compressed air system, air flow sensor is for a lobe blower, duct air flow meter, exhaust air mass flow measurement, compressed dry air  (CDA), combustion air and dirty air processes, boiler air flow, fresh air, boiler combustion air flow measurement system, air flow sensor compressed in air filtration system installed prior to distributing the compressed air out,combustion airflow (CA) measurement station, air/nitrogen flow meter, This air is mixed with the coal powder creating a combustion air supply for a furnace heating water in a boiler,  exhaust air at ventilation grills, cooling air, air flow sensor used in plate outlets and swirl outlets, air flowmeter for combustion spray.,etc

Buy industrial air flow meter

Silver Automation Instruments specializes in the production of a wide range of inline or insertion air flow meters. All Silver products come with a guarantee to give accurate readings to ensure precise CFM measurements. They have light and heavy duty air flow meter for carrying out effective audit of compressed air usage in different industries.
 We supply various kind industrial air flow meters
  • ✔ Insertion probe or in-line air flow meter
  • ✔ Volumetric flow meter or mass flow meter, velocity air flow meter
  • ✔ Air flow meter with temperature & pressure compensation/correction, with EVC (Electronic volume corrector ) or not
  • ✔ Different air flow meter accuracy
  • ✔ High temperature air flow gauges max can bear 660°F
  • ✔ Different process connection, flange or wafer, insertion probe, thread connection
  • ✔ Various outputs (pulse or 4-20mA) 
  • ✔ Digital air flow meter with electronic LCD display
  • ✔ Air flow meter with MODBUS, RS485 or HART Protocol
  • ✔Many air flow meter sensor sizes available: from 6mm to 6000 mm, normal request including 1” air flow meter, 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch, 10”, NB1000mm, 1200mm,1800 mm air flow meter
  • ✔ Many air flow measurement units: mmscfd, SCFM, m3/h, ml/min, LPH, SCFM flow meter

Industrial air flow meter Price

The price of industrial air flow meters is determined by many factors. For example, the sensor  size of the flow meter, the process conneciton of the flowmeter, air flow meter types, such as you need vortex flowmeter, thermal gas flowmeter, rotameter,variable area flow meter, orifice flowmeter, V-cone air flowmeter. In addition, flow meter brands, such as KRONHE, SAGE, SIERRA, ENDRESS,EMERSON, other international brands, are more expensive. We are a China flowmeter factory, with very low prices and fast response speed. Buy a flow meter from us, the price starts at about $300.

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  • Micro air flow meterMicro air flow meter2019/07/14Micro-flowrate thermal dispersion flow meter is designed on the basis of thermal dispersion, and adopts method of constant differential temperature to measuring air at very low flow. It has advantages...view
  • In-line air flow meterIn-line air flow meter2019/05/20Air flow rate measurement, also compressed air is vital demand in many factories, industry, lab, facilities.We, Silver Automation Instruments, have in-line air flow meters for sale, we have low price ...view
  • Insertion air flow meterInsertion air flow meter2019/07/10Thermal mass flow meter is a suitable type insertion air flow meter which can detect air or compressed air flow rate in a closed pipeline or duct. Insertion style thermal dispersion flow meter is for ...view
  • High temp air flow meterHigh temp air flow meter2019/07/10High temp air flow meter can take measurement of air or gaseous state media with max 350°C (662°F) high temperature, it is widely used in power generation, steel industry for combustion air or exhau...view
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