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The food temperature probe is an unique new generation of needle probe thermometers with a view to accuracy, durability and readability. Specifications are designed under strict industry standards to meet and exceed the requirements of business and other professional usage.

It has the new "automatic calibration" function, at the same time, the reaction time of the needle probe is shortest. The small diameter of the probe makes it an ideal temperature probe that can be used to measure "thin" food such as meat pies, chicken, fish slices and so on. In addition, it conforms to the FDA Codex 4-302.12 and is in line with the RoHS standard IP56 waterproof grade. Being a sealed and integrated construction, it also has excellent oil resistance.

Application methods:
  • The measurement range, the dividing value and the 0 point are observed first. The temperature of the measured liquid can not exceed the range.
  • The glass bulb of the thermometer is completely immersed in the measured liquid while keeps a distance with the bottom or the wall of the container.
  • After the bulb of the thermometer has been dipped into the liquid, read the thermometer until the number is stable.
  • While reading, the bulb of the thermometer should remain in the liquid, and the sight should keep a right angle with the thermometer.
Note: Do not swing the probe before measuring temperature.

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