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Silver Automation Instruments offer wide range selections for liquid and solids level measurement devices at affordable price cost. No matter standard configuration or customized level sensors, liquid or powder or aggressive liquid, we all have solutions.

We sell ultrasonic level transmitter, radar level transmitter, cable type hydrostatic liquid level sensors for your wide applications, such as water & waste water applications, pulp and paper industries, chemical process, food & Beverage industries .,etc.

Silver Automation Instruments provide different principles level transmitters:

With our without digital display
4-20mA output, or RS485, Hart Protocol
220 V AC or 24V DC power supply
Corrosive liquid or non-corrosive liquid measurement
Flange or thread process connection
High temperature level sensor options
  • Ultrasonic level sensor with 4-20mA outputUltrasonic level sensor with 4-20mA output2019/09/09Ultrasonic level sensor gives continuous, non-contact and maintenance-free level measurement of fluids, pastes, sludges .etc. Ultrasonic level sensor provides economical and low price cost solution fo...view
  • Hydrostatic liquid level sensorHydrostatic liquid level sensor2017/04/13SHLT02 Diffusive Silicon Series level transmitters is hydrostatic level transmitter. They are the extension and development of pressure transmitter technology. According to the principle that the liqu...view
  • Ultrasonic Level transmitter with PROFIBUS-DPUltrasonic Level transmitter with PROFIBUS-DP2019/09/09The HLMR series ultrasonic level meter is an enhanced remote ultrasonic level Transmitter for continuous non-contact level measurement in liquids and solids with Profibus-DPview
  • HlTG Series 2-wire ultrasonic level meterHlTG Series 2-wire ultrasonic level meter2019/09/06Range:HLTG4:0.20~4m HLTG6:0.25~6m HLTG8:0.30~8m HLTG10:0.40~10m HLTG15:0.60-~15m HLTG20:1.20~20m HLTG30:1.40~30m HLTG40:1.60-~40m Accuracy: 0.2% Full Span(In air)Mode of Indication:4 Di...view
  • SKRD 54 Series Radar level gaugeSKRD 54 Series Radar level gauge2019/08/30Application: Suitable for small range powder, particles, blocks level measurement, for example: run coal bin, raw coal silo, coke silo.Max. range: 30mProcess connection: Gimbal FlangeProcess temperatu...view
  • SHLT Type Level TransmitterSHLT Type Level Transmitter2017/04/12SHLT (smart) flange type level transmitter can carry on accurate level measurement and density for all kinds of containers. Flush flange and extended flange available, 3" or 4", 1501b or 3001b flange,...view Protection Status