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All You Need To Know About Magnetic Flow Meters

A magnetic flow meter can be defined as a volumetric flow meter, without dynamic parts (no parts can move) it measures any kind of liquid passing through it. It uses a magnetic field to direct the liquid through a pipe. Magnetic flow meters are also suitable where low-pressure drop and low maintenance are necessary. For accurate measurements, the pipe should be full.
Electromagnetic flow meters have been in use for over 50 years now, and are used throughout industries. This flow measuring instrument is suitable for liquids like water, slurries, acids and many more. Its common applications include monitoring of liquids, measuring the flow rate of liquids and slurries in corrosive conditions. In addition, a mag meter can also be used to measure the flow rate of different corrosive liquids.

Benefits of using magnetic flow meters

• Electromagnetic flow meters are cost-effective- once they are installed and programmed, they provide accurate measurements and control processes with minimal attention.
• There is no pressure loss when taking measurements
Magnetic flowmeters provide accurate volumetric flow measurements and are bi-directional.
• Owing to its non-obstructive nature, measurements can be taken without causing any interference. Additionally, they can be installed without shutting down the whole line.
• These devices are very flexible, in that, they can be modified to suit both small scale and large line sizes
• Simple layouts with no moving parts minimize the risk of breakdowns or mechanical repairs
magnetic flow meter

Other applications

In the industrial sector, these tools are often used to manage water and food processing. In the mining and construction industry, they used for measuring caustic, that is mixed with water and sand, acid flow meter, milk flow meter, chemical flow meters can all be magnetic flow meter.

How magnetic flow meter works

Faraday’s Law of Induction is applied to regulate the speed of fluids channeled through a particular pipe. This is the backbone of all electrical systems. To achieve these, magnetic coils which conduct electric currents can be installed outside the flow tube. Keep in mind, that this flow tube should not be magnetic, for it to facilitate the transmission of the magnetic field to the fluid. The magnetic field generated is then transmitted to the fluid in the pipe.

How do you install a magnetic flow meter?

For starters, you need to pick a suitable location i.e where the flow is fully developed and is not prone to any interference. Generally, a minimum of five to ten diameter pipe upstream is recommended, but this may vary depending on your needs. These tools are very sensitive to air bubbles because bubbles can alter the magnetic flow meter to read high thus giving inaccurate results. Also, the direction of the flow meter should be stalled in a way that ensures that it is completely filled with water.
For improved efficiency, it is advisable not to operate a magnetic flow meter close to its conductivity limits because the flow meter can turn off. Give it an allowance to change the composition and conditions that can change the conductivity of the fluid.
There are different types of electronic flow meters in the market. Each of these devices has different applications, therefore choosing the right unit is very important for ensuring that the fluid measurement project is carried out accurately and successfully. Other factors to keep in mind when buying these measurement tools include reliability, accuracy, user-friendliness, cost, etc.
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