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What factors affect electromagnetic flow meter price?

The magmeter’s flow sensor is installed into the closed pipelines and measures an induced voltage produced by the conductive liquid as it passes through the pipeline, the electromagnetic flow transmitter get the voltage signal from the flow sensor and after processing, display the fluids flow rate on the digital display also output current ( 4-20mA)or pulse signal to upper control systems. It can take measurement of fluids like acid, caustic, slurry, chemical solution, and sewage and so on.

magmeter for wastewater

Magmeter has obviously features:

  • Bidirectional flow measurement
  • Large flow meter sensor size available ,such as DN 2000mm mag meter
  • Large turn down ratio: 10:1 or larger
  • High accuracy ,0.5%,0.25%
  • Mag meter sensor has not moving parts ,easy maintenance and longer serving time
  • Low pressure loss
  • Low price cost

Which factors affect magnetic flow meter price?

However customers are want to know more about price cost of magnetic flow meters, below factors affect the mag meter price

1. Magmeter manufacture and origin

Obviously if users tend to choose top brand mag meter , the price is higher also the quality is really good, such as Kronhe, ABB,Rosemount , Yokogawa and so on. But good news is that after years of technology improving and developing, China is capable to manufacture low cost and stable performance electromagnetic flow meters. These flow meters from China factories are not only with competitive price and satisfying quality, it also with amazing delivering time.

2. Flow meter sensor size

Magnetic flow meter sizes starts from DN10 to DN2000, the large size, the more money cost.

3. Liner material of flow sensor

Mag meter lining material is decided by the fluids measured, we choose wear resistant rubber for slurry or sewage water measurement, and will choose Teflon or PFA lining material for high temperature or corrosive liquid or hygienic liquids measurement. Normally Teflon or PFA lining is more expensive than rubber lining.

4. Electrodes material of magnetic flow meter sensor

For non corrosive liquid, we often use 316L electrodes, while HC electrodes, Tantalum electrodes are often requested by customers. For strong corrosive acid or alkali, we often choose Pt/Iridium Alloy, and Pt/Iridium Alloy is quite costly.

5. Electromagnetic flow meters functions

Obviously, the more functions needed, the more price needed. Below are some main functions often requested by customers?
  • Integral display or remote display?
  • High accuracy (0.25%) or standard accuracy (0.5%)?
  • Tri-clamp connection or standard flange type?
  • Standard flange rating or higher rating, our standard pressure rating is 16 bar ( 232 psi), and if you need higher rating ,such as 2.5 Mpa or 4 Mpa, it will cost more
  • Housing material, standard housing is carbon steel , if you need 304 stainless steel  or 316 stainless steel for hygienic industry, it will cost more
  • Hart Protocol or RS485 communication or Profibus-DP needed? if users need these communications , magnetic meter will cost more
  • Whether Explosion proof needed , also affect the price a lot
  • Battery powered or 24VDC or 220V AC power supply
  • Protection level, IP65,IP67,IP68 ,also affect the price

china magmeter

What type and function magnetic flowmeter we should choose?

It may confuse you a lot , in a word ,magnetic flow meter is totally tailored flow measuring instruments, and you are not sure which type flow meter you need, you just need to provide following specifications to Silver Automation Instruments, they will choose proper type mag flow meter for you.
  • 1. Flow range and pipe line size, we will choose flow meter size mostly according to flow rate and pipe size
  • 2. Fluids need to be measured, it can decide the lining ,electrodes and housing material
  • 3. Operation temperature and pressure, it affect the flow meter pressure rating
  • 4. Function you need, such as any protocol or communication, remote or integral type, protection level, process connection and so on.
Silver Automation Instruments supplies China made magnetic flow meter in low price and stable performance, we will choose proper type mag meter according to your specifications and choose the suitable electromagnetic flow meter dedicated to your application.

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