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Radar Level Meter Used in Ore solids Level Measurement

Radar level meterRadar level meter is widely used in level process control, it can measure water level on lake applications, gasoline level, paste level, syrup level, mud level even medium with bubbles. Some of the mentioned mediums are tough mediums for common type level meters, but by selection proper type radar sensor, we can realize mud, bubbles, syrup, and hot water medium level measurement.
Our radar level meter has buttons to configure; users can configure the level meter easily and conveniently.
All Silver Automation Instruments radar meters are with digital displays, besides that we have 4-20mA output and option RS485 communication; it can fully meet customers’ different process control purpose.
Below we have one application for ore level measurement, ore is a kind of solids, let’s see the case:

Hi, we have below applications for radar level meters; can you choose a proper type level instrument for us?
The radar level transmitter is to be used to measure level of ore in an underground bunker. The bunker is fed from 3 points thereby requiring top monitor the level at the 3 points where the conveyor system discharges oil. The area has dust. This radar level transmitter will be connected to the Silver Automation Instruments SX6000 series paperless recorder where we intend to get the display from the readings.
Below are the specifications:
Level range: 30meters
Type of ore: Platinum ore
Ore State: Solids
Power supply: 220V AV
Install flange type: Yes, we need flange
Quote for 2 level sensors. We have 1 already so we need 2 more.
Hi, Thanks to trust Silver Automation Instruments to select the radar level meter for your ore applications, our SKRD93 series Radar level with gimbal flanges can meet your demand, SKRD 93 series radar level meter is 26G Hz pulse, the strong pulse can work for solids level measurement, even your working environment is dusty, it is still no problem for us . Gimbal flanges are universal direction flanges which can be adjusted antenna direction when install and the radar level sensor can get the best measuring result by adjust gimbal flange directions. We also chooseΦ 121mm size radar antenna for your 30 meters level measurement. Also the flange size is DN125.
See below correct type model selection.
SKRD93 Radar Level meter

Catalog link:
If you are interested in knowing the price cost of the ore level meter price, welcome to contact us to obtain the price list.
SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS is a China Radar level meter supplier, can provide good price for you.
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