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Advantage of Radar Level Meter

What is Radar Level Meters?

The radar level meters which are supplied by Silver Automation Instruments are suitable for non-contact continuous measurement of liquid, slurry, powder, solids, mud level measurement. Even when the working temperature and pressure changes a lot, radar level instruments can still have accurate level measurement. Radar sensor can even be used when environment has inert gases and volatile gases. The Radar level sensor adopts the measurement method of microwave pulse and can work normally within the range of industrial frequency band. The beam is low in energy and can be installed in a variety of metal, non-metal tanks or pipes, which is harmless to the human body and the environment.

radar level meter

The radar level transmitter works by transmitting and receiving extremely short microwave pulses with very low energy through an antenna system. Radar waves travel at the speed of light. The running time can be converted into the object position signal by electronic components. A special time extension method ensures stability and accurate measurement in a very short period of time. Even in the case of complex and tough working conditions, there are false echoes, the new micro-processing technology and newest software can also accurately analyze the echo of the object position.

What are the advantages of radar level meter?

1. Radar sensor can accurately measure level and be the measurement is continuous

This is mainly because the radar level meter signal wave is the electromagnetic wave, so it will not be affected by the environment and also the measurement can be non-contact.

2. Interference echo can be suppressed

This function can be set in the radar transmitter, our radar level meter has digital display and easy operation buttons, users can set this function when needed.

3. Radar level meter can also be used in some high temperature and pressure conditions by choosing different kinds of radar level meter.

4. The best part is that it can have solids level measurement which our SH series capacitance type level transmitters cannot achieve. It can measure ore level, and powder level in dusty environment.

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