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Ultrasonic fuel level sensors

Ultrasonic fuel level sensors

Ultrasonic fuel level sensors is a contact-less and wear-free device used for measurement of fluid level in a machine or a container.


Ultrasonic fuel level sensors work on the same principle as radar systems but utilize fuels like oil and other hydraulic fluids. Once these sensors are installed, they emit ultrasonic waves directly towards the fuel tank. These waves are very high-frequency waves and thus can not be perceived. When these ultrasonic waves strike the level of fuel, they are deflected back and produce am echo. The time taken by these waves in this process is measured by the sensors and detected in the form of fuel level.


These ultrasonic fule level meters provide precise and continuous measurement of fluids like oil and hydraulic fluids found in machine tools. Thus these sensors find their application in transport-specific conditions to acknowledge the driver with the level of fuel in the vehicle.

Type of fuels to be measured by ultrasonic level transmitter

As these sensors are immobile, even small changes in the level of fuel can be detected by these sensors. Petrol, diesel,heavy oil,gasoline,ethanol,methanol and other fuel level are detectable to these fuel level transmitters at the temperature range of -20  to 75C.

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