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Inline turbine flow meter

Inline turbine flow meter

Inline turbine flow meter is a precision flow measuring instrument that can be used to measure the flow and total volume of the media. Inline turbine flow meter has compact and light weight structure, easy to install and maintenance into the pipeline.

There are inline liquid turbine flowmeters and inline style gas turbine flow meters, these in-line flow meters are widely used in the measurement and control systems of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, scientific research and other fields. Liquid turbine flowmeters can be equipped with sanitary fittings, such as tri-clover, which can be used in the pharmaceutical and hygienic industry.

Inline turbine flow meter features

  • Electronic turbine flow meter with digital indicator
  • Digital turbine flow transmitter with 4-20mA, pulse, frequency output
  • High accuracy, liquid turbine nostalgia and generally reach ± 1% R, ± 0.5% R,inline gas turbine flow meter can reach to 1.0 or 1.5% accuracy.
  • Good repeatability
  • Fluids measurement without zero drift, strong anti-interference ability;
  • Wide measurement range, turn down ration can reach to 10:1
  • Low price inline turbine flow meter from China turbine flow meter manufacture
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