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Digital Water Flow meter Inquiry Collection

Question 1:Turbine Flow Meter
Glad to contact Silver Automation Instruments, we have below application for RO Water flow meter, below are specifications:
Instrument: liquid turbine flow meter
Medium : RO water
Pipe size : ½ inch
Process connection; Tri clamp
Power supply: 24 Vdc or 230Vac
Indication: Integral
Pressure: 1 bar max
Flow rate: 300 l/min
Hi, from your flow range, we choose 1.5-inch turbine flow for RO water, DN40,
Liquid turbine flow meter
SLW-40-C-05-S-L-E-N-T1-S (Tri-clamp)
316SST material, tri-clamp and  Duplex Steel rotor
Hi, if you need a price for above RO flow meter, welcome to send emails to obtain the flow meter cost.

Question 2 :
We are interested in buying some equipment for Flow meter
Kindly choose proper flow meters for below application, we are giving you full particulars and technical details.
1. Hot water flow meter flange 2”  size
Specification :  Size 2” , Range 1.8-15M3/h, Pressure 16 bar , temperature  130 c, Connection : Flange PN16
2.  LPG gas flow meter flange 2”   size
Specification : Gas Flow Meter tapered thread 2" Flow 5~100 m3/hr,
Material cast iron, temperature  0~+60 c,
Hi, thanks for your applications specifications, we choose below flow meter for your applications,
Liquid turbine flow meter for hot water
Model: SLW-50-C-05-E-S-E-T3-FL
2.  LPG gas flow meter flange 2”
Gas turbine flow meter
Model: SGW-N-50-W-S-S-N-15-E-N-LW

Question 3
We need Diesel flowmeter with built-in pulse emitter, for measuring the flow of diesel consumed by hot water boilers. Small sizes of pipe from 1/2 " up to 2", what kind of flow meter we should choose ¿
Hi ,liquid turbine flow meter can be used as diesel flow meter, it is cheap and meets your specifications, it has a digital display, and have frequency output or scaled pulse output,24V DC power supply.

Question 4
We have below flow measurement applications:
Data process:
Media: RO water
Temp: Ambient
Pressure: 6-8 barg.
Pipe size: 1” and  ¾”
Measuring Unit: Litr/Hr (Volumetric)
Output : 4-20 mA.
Sanitary type (food grade),triclover process connection is preferred.
Our customer needs to batch controller from display us. They have relay NO/NC for the control valve.
Thanks for your detailed specifications, we choose below type RO water meter,
Liquid turbine flow meter
SLW-20-C-05-E-L-E-N-T1-FL-S (Flow range:0.45-0.9 m3/h,316 SST material, tri-clamp connection)

Flow meter Batch controller catalog:

Question 5
We have below application for thinner flow range,
I attached the flow range: 15 – 75 lt/m
Pipe size:  ¾” or 1”
Thinner viscosity: 0.8
Operation temperature: ambient
Operation pressure: 50 PSI
I remain attentive to your prompt response
Hi, we also want to know Silver Automation Instruments delivery time for flow meter.
From your specifications, thinner is low viscosity and not corrosive medium, we choose liquid turbine flow meter for your application, this kind of flow meter is with low cost , also with reliable performance.
Liquid turbine flow meter
Delivery time: 7-10 working days after payment received

Question 6
Hi, we need a China instrument supplier for below application, we need first good price but also good quality,
Please select proper instruments for turbine flow meter, detail as below.
- Raw water
- Pipe size : 4”
- Flange : ANSI 150
- Temp: Ambient
- Pressure: < 3 bar
-Output :  4-20 mA
- With display
The customer used a flow counter for pulse counting and dosing and want to change to the Magnetic flowmeter, but I think turbine flow is suited for this application. Could you please advise?
Turbine flow meter is better than electromagnetic flow meter for dosing purpose. It reacts faster than mag meter.
See below proper flow meter especially for your raw water measurement.
Liquid turbine flow meter

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