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Threaded magnetic flow meter

Threaded magnetic flow meter

Magnetic type flow meter is a flow measurement instrument made by the principle of electromagnetic induction, which can be used to measure the volumetric flow of conductive liquid. Magnetic inductive flow sensor can be produced with various process connections, such as inline flanged magnetic flow meter, or tri-clover sanitary mag meter or even threaded electromagnetic flow meter.

Thread magnetic flow meter is used for the pipeline within 3 inches, it is easy to be installing and dismount from the process line.Thread standard is G standard or flow meter NPT thread.

Features of threaded magnetic flow meter

  • ✔  Full bore threaded electromagnetic flow meter with no pressure loss and no moving parts inside the flow sensor
  • By choosing different liner material and electrodes material, thread magnetic meter can be used to measure different kinds of liquid, such as water, acid, chemical solution or strong corrosive liquid.
  • Thread magnetic flow meter can be made into stainless steel housing.
  • Mag meter measurement result is not affected by the fluids temperature, pressure or density
  • Large turndown ratio: from 10:1~100:1
  • Thread magnetic flow meter size from DN10-DN80 (3”)

Limited of thread magnetic inductive flow meter

  • It is not possible to measure gases, vapors, liquids with large bubbles or liquid with low conductivity.
  • It cannot be used for high temperature liquid, the fluids temperature cannot be over 180 ℃.
  • Thread magnetic flow meter can be used for large pipelines over 80mm.

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