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Digital display type oval gear flow meter

Digital display type oval gear flow meter

Digital display type oval gear flow meter can have digital display to show fluids instant flow and total flow, besides the electronic display, it can have 4-20mA output, scaled pulse, un-scaled pulse output, it can also equip with HART Protocol or RS 485 communication.
LC series oval gear flowmeter is a kind of positive displacement flow meter (PD flow meter); it is also a kind of in-line volumetric flow meter. Its measuring flow volume with two oval shape gear, Gear rotate when flow pass on measuring chamber and magnetic pickup sensor use for measuring quantity of rotation of gear, and each rotation equal to fix volume of  fluid. It is mainly used to measure fuel oil, gasoline, marine heavy oil, diesel, molasses, sauces, molasses, syrups, resin, creams.,etc.


Digital oval gear flow meter with various outputs and protocols
Positive displacement flow meter (PD) flow meter for fluids volumetric flow measurement
High accuracy and repeatability, direct volumetric reading
No straight pipeline required when installing
Sensor size from DN10 to DN200 (8 inch oval gear flow meter)
Robust construction for heady duty purpose
Various materials available: cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel 304 or 316L

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