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Diesel Flow Measurement by Oval Gear Flow meters

Oval Gear FlowMeter For Diesel Measurement

As people's living standards improve, many households and factories use diesel vehicles and other vehicles that use diesel to bring convenience to our lives and at the same time drive the development of diesel. The most important use of diesel is for diesel engines for vehicles and ships. Compared with gasoline, diesel has a high density value and a low fuel consumption rate. Diesel fuel has low energy consumption, so some small cars and even high-performance cars also use diesel.The oval gear flowmeter is a good flow measuring instruments for measuring diesel.
diesel flow meter

Oval Gear Flow Meter Measurement Advantages

a. Oval flow meter measurement accuracy is high, the basic error is generally 0.5% R, special up to 0.2% R or higher up special request. Particularly suitable for use in sites where high precision measurements are required.

b. there is no requirement for the viscosity of diesel oil (high viscosity can also be accurately measured)

c. Pipe vibration and interference at the installation site have no effect on this flowmeter. Oval gear flow meter do not need straight pipe requirement.

d. with on-site flow direct reading with mechanical register, no need for external power supply, you can measure the cumulative total, clear display, easy to operate.

e. Currently China oval gear flow meter manufacture develop oval meters with more powerful functions, such as digital display, 4-20mA output or pulse output, RS485 and even Hart protocol.

Disadvantage in the measurement process of the oval gear flowmeter

1. The diesel oval gear flow meter structure is complex in design, large in volume, bulky, especially large-diameter flowmeter, which is bulky and has a very high transportation cost comparing with liquid turbine flow meters which is also a kind of light and cheap diesel flow meters.

2. Only for clean diesel. If the diesel contains particles and dirt, the filter must be installed upstream, otherwise the oval gear will be damaged by the particles.

Diesel Oil Flow Meter Request 

Silver Automation Instruments often receive oval gear flow meters for diesel flow measurement, below is one typical inquiry case:

Hi, we need blow price cost for diesel flow meters:

Oval Gear Flowmeter

Measuring medium: Diesel Oil

Flow range: 0.6-5m3/hr

Nominal pressure: 221psi

Process connection size: 40mm

Material of Housing: Cast Iron

Material of Main Body Over: Cast Iron

Material of Rotor and Chamber: Cast iron

Process temperature: -20…+80degC

Viscosity range: 0.8~400 mPa.s

Connection flange: ASME 150lb

Signal output: non

Accuracy: +/-0.5% of reading accuracy

Register: local mechanical register

Operational Temperature range: -40~+70degC

Display Unit: Liter

Solution To Diesel Oil Flowmeter

Hi, thanks for your inquiry, see model selection for the oval gear flow meters

Oval gear flow meter


Oval gear flow meter Price: USD450

Gross weight: 28 kg

Price term: EXW

Delivery time: 7-10 working days after payment received


China Supplies High Quality Oval Gear Flow Meter

In the past, China's process instrumentation mainly relied on imports, such as Japanese or European and American brands. For the past 20 years, China's instrumentation technology has continuously improved the technical performance of diesel flowmeters by continuously learning European and American technology and a large number of field application practices. At present, China's oval gear flowmeter manufacturers can produce PD flow meters with stable performance, the price is very cheap, and the delivery time is also very fast.

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