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Advantage and Disadvantage of Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

Coriolis mass flow meters measure the mass flow of liquids and gases directly in almost any application without special calibration. Multi-functional Coriolis mass flowmeters provide reliable, accurate mass flow, volumetric flow, temperature, density and concentration values.

The shortcomings and advantages of the mass flow meter are listed below for the user's reference.

Advantage of Coriolis Flowmeter

  • The measured values are not sensitive to fluid viscosity, and the change in fluid density has little effect on the measured value. Therefore, it is possible to measure liquids with high viscosity, such as asphalt, syrup, and the like,it is a perfect choice used as high viscosity flow meter.
  • Installation above, there is no requirement for upstream and downstream straight pipe sections.
  • The Coriolis mass flow meter directly measures mass flow and has high measurement accuracy.
  • It can measure a wide range of fluids, including various liquids of high viscosity liquids, slurries containing solids, liquids containing trace gases, and medium and high pressure gases of sufficient density.
  • The measuring tube has small vibration amplitude and can be regarded as a non-moving member, and the measuring tube has no obstruction and movable parts. Therefore, the life span is relatively long.
  • It is possible to measure as much as a variety of data, such as the simultaneous measurement of density, and thereby derive the concentration of the solute in the measurement solution.

Disadvantage of Coriolis Meter

  • Mass flowmeters have large pressure losses, and some Coriolis mass flowmeters are even 100% larger than volumetric meters.
  • Coriolis mass flowmeters are sensitive to external vibration disturbances. To prevent the effects of pipeline vibrations, most models of Coriolis mass flowmeters have higher requirements for installation and fixing of flow sensors.
  • Mass flow meters cannot be used for larger diameters and are currently limited to less than 200mm.
  • The zero-point instability of the Coriolis mass flowmeter creates a zero drift, which further affects its accuracy.
  • Coriolis mass flow meters cannot be used to measure low-density media and low-pressure gases; the presence of gas in a liquid above a certain limit (varies by model) can significantly affect the measured value. Low-density gases generally use a thermal gas flow meter.
  • Wear and corrosion of the inner wall of the measuring tube or deposition of scale can affect the measurement accuracy.
  • The Coriolis mass flow meter is heavy and bulky, resulting in a significant increase in freight costs. Especially when used for exporting goods, the cost of international shipping is staggering.
  • Mass flow meters are expensive; especially those made in Europe, America, and Japan, and are more expensive.

At present, Chinese manufacturers have mastered the technology of Coriolis mass flowmeters, and can produce mass flowmeters with stable performance, low price, short delivery time and powerful functions. Welcome to consult the price Coriolis meter from Silver Automation Instruments.

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