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How does Pressure Transmitter Go into Chemical 4.0 Intelligent Productions?

The process industry 4.0 represented by the chemical industry is a little quieter than the factory automation discrete industry 4.0. In the past few years, several well-known global brand automation manufacturers have launched the industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) cloud operating system. Recently, the domestic process industry DCS representative manufacturer, Zhejiang Central Control, has also launched the industry-oriented. SupOS, the industrial operating system, has set off a new upsurge of Intelligent Manufacturing in the chemical industry. It is safe, environmentally friendly and efficient. This is the guiding principle of Intelligent Manufacturing in the petrochemical industry. It allows industrial big data to play a decisive role in solving existing problems and bottlenecks and creating a new future for the chemical industry.

For a long time, there has been very little exploration for the process industry on-site instrument 4.0. Intelligent on-site instrument is the basis of Intelligent Manufacturing in the chemical industry. It is necessary to increase investment in upgrading products to keep pace with the pace of Intelligent Manufacturing in the process industry. How to build digital Twins, implement product life cycle management (PLM), predict maintenance (PdM) and preventive maintenance (PM) services in CPS or industrial Internet of Things (IOT) becomes the real field instrument 4.0.

Pressure transmitter is an important on-site instrument. Intelligent upgrade of pressure transmitter provides reference cases for various on-site instruments and serves the intelligent manufacturing users in process industry. Safety first, intelligent pressure transmitter not only passes the flameproof and explosion-proof or intrinsic safety requirements specified in dangerous applications in process industry. Certification is also required through the safety certification (SIL) required for safety instrumented system (SIS). Safety above, high-precision pressure measurement allows the control system to complete accurate production process automatic control, so as to achieve safe, environmental protection, efficient production.
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