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Horizontal rotameter

Horizontal rotameter

  • Metal Tube Rotameter with Transmitter

    Metal Tube Rotameter with Transmitter

    Rotameter with transmitter offers 4-20mA(loop powered) also digital display for different control purposes and field mon...

  • Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

    Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

    Liquid Turbine flow meter is a kind of low cost digital flow meter for diesel ,petrol,water,palm oil. it is for clean, l...

We offer horizontal mounting metal tube rotameter with fluids flow direction from left to right or right to left to accommodate complex piping installations. Variable area flow meter is typically mounted vertically with the fluids direction from bottom to top.
Rotameter is a kind of versatile in-line flow measurement device which can detect fluids such as gas, liquid or vapor. It can be a simple direct read flow meter without any transmitting; rotameter can also equipped with flow transmitter with digital outputs, such as alarm switch, pulse, or 4-20mA.


  • Horizontal pipeline installation
  • Sensor size from DN15 to DN200, 1/2” to 8 inch rotameter
  • All-metal material, rugged construction
  • Local reading type or digital rotameter type
  • Flanged rotameter ,or thread , or tri-clamp connection
  • Material: 304,316,316L, Titanium or PTFE liner
  • Can be made into high temperature type or high pressure type

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