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What is flow meter for corrosive liquids?

In industrial production, many substances can be slightly or highly corrosive, such as Hydrochloric Acid (HCl), Sulfuric Acid (H₂SO₄), it’s essential to measure the flow rate of these aggressive liquids accurately. To do this, we use special flow meters designed for corrosive media, we often require HCL flow meter, sulfuric acid flow meter, Acetic Acid (CH₃COOH) flow meter, Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) flow meter, ammonium hydroxide (NH₄OH) flow meters and so on. Two common types of these corrosive liquid flow meters are magnetic flow meters and rotameters.

Magnetic Flow Meters for Corrosive Liquids

Magnetic flow meters (or mag flow meters) are ideal for measuring the flow of corrosive liquids. They can be lined with materials like PTFE (Teflon) or PFA, which are highly resistant to corrosion. The electrodes, which are in contact with the fluid, can be made from materials like Hastelloy alloy, platinum-rhodium, tantalum, or titanium, making them suitable for most corrosive liquid flow measurement. These corrosive liquid flow meters can handle various aggressive liquids, including hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, chlorine water, hydrogen peroxide, and caustic soda. The outer housing is typically made from stainless steel 304 or 316, providing additional durability in corrosive environments.

**Advantages of Magnetic Flow Meters for aggressive liquid flow measurement:**

- Measure volumetric flow in-line
- Customizable sensor linings and electrodes for specific corrosive liquids
- No obstructions in the measuring pipe, resulting in no additional pressure loss
- No moving parts, leading to a long sensor lifespan
- Suitable for slurry flow measurement
- Can measure both forward and reverse flow
- Offer various outputs for corrosive liquid flow trnasmitters: current, pulse, digital communication (HART, Profibus-DP) 
- High measurement accuracy, unaffected by changes in fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure, and conductivity

Rotameters for Corrosive Liquids

Rotameters, a type of variable area flow meter, are also used for measuring corrosive liquids. We provide PTFE-lined rotameters that can handle these aggressive fluids. Traditional rotameters are analog and show the instantaneous flow without needing a power supply. We also offer rotameters with transmitters that display both the instantaneous and cumulative flow of corrosive media. These advanced rotameters support outputs like 4-20mA, pulse, Hart, and Modbus.

Benefits of Rotameters:**

- Simple design with PTFE lining for corrosion resistance
- Analog models show real-time flow without power
-Rotameters with transmitters display cumulative flow
- Support various output options for integration with other systems
In summary, both magnetic flow meters and rotameters are excellent choices for measuring the flow of corrosive liquids, each offering unique benefits depending on the specific requirements of your application.
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