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Horn type radar level measurement

Horn type radar level measurement

The radar level measuring sensors consist of a transmitter, antenna, and receiver. Based on the antenna portion, these transmitters are of a variable in shapes. One of these is horn-shaped antennas.


The antenna is shaped like a horn with a narrow and a broad slit. This horn is attached to the tail of the device. The radio waves are directed towards the liquid by this horn and are received back to the horn-shaped antenna after getting reflected from the surface of the matter. The sensors use this time lag to determine the distance and thus the level of the given state of matter.


The aim of building a horn-shaped antenna is to properly channel the radio waves to prevent the loss of signal density. This horn-shaped antenna focuses the waves and also captures the maximum amount of high energy waves that would have been disseminated otherwise. Therefore the horn shape radar transmitters provide the advantage of greater precision and accuracy of level measurement.

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