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Stainless steel oval gear flow meter

Stainless steel oval gear flow meter

Oval gear flow meter is a kind of PD flow meter which measures the liquid constantly. Oval meter can be made into mechanical oil flow meter also made into digital type with various outputs (4-20mA, pulse, RS485) etc. for different measure or control purpose. Electronics flow meter for indication, monitoring, transmitting and control is more and more popular.
Stainless steel positive displacement flow meter is often requested by our customers, when they need to measure fluids such as vegetable oil, edible oil, grease, resin, pastes, syrups, clean water, aggressive fluids, and chemical liquid and so on, mostly are bought intended to sanitary and hygienic Industry or pharmaceutical industry. It is with rugged design which has perfect and continues performance in harsh environment.
Silver Automation Instruments supply China factory flow meter in low price and fast delivery time.

Technical specifications of Stainless steel flow meter

High accuracy: 0.25% or 0.5%
Flow sensor size: DN10~DN200 (8 inch)
Installation position: horizontal or vertical
Material (Housing, rotor, shaft, flange): stainless steel 304 ,316 or 316L
Connection: Flange or tri-clamp
Fluids temperature:  Max 200 ℃
Viscosity: standard 0~200 mPa.s,high viscosity flow meter:  200~1000 mpas.

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