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When we choose remote convertor for mag meter ?

The measuring principle of magnetic flowmeter is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. It is mainly used to measure the volumetric flow rate of liquid medium with a conductivity of >5μs/cm and the flow measurement is conducted in a full tube in a closed pipeline. The mag sensor should be free from magnetic interference from motors, inverters, transformers, etc.

To choose a suitable type electromagnetic flow meters, we need to know the fluids type, the flow range, pipeline size and operation temperature and pressure, However users often ask in which condition we choose choose a remote type magmeter ?

Here we list the mainly points :

  • 1. On-site request for explosion-proof occasions
  • 2. Where the site environment humidity is large
  • 3. Where the ambient temperature of the site is large
  • 4. When the temperature of the fluids is high and can burn the mag flow transmitter and display
  • 5. On-site observation of inconvenient occasions,need to read the value in other place
  • 6. The flow meter is installed outdoor and can be damaged by the rain or sun.

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