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Wafer type Vortex flow meter

Wafer type Vortex flow meter

STLU-2-B0 Series Wafer Vortex flow meter is a volumetric flowmeter that measures the volumetric flow rate of a gas, steam or liquid, the principle of Karman vortex. It is mainly used for flow measurement of industrial pipeline medium fluids, such as gas, liquid, steam.

Typical application

Steam flow meter                       Air flow meter
Biogas flow meter                      Methane gas flow meter
Gas flow meter                          In-line air flow meter
Compressed air flow meter       CO2 gas flow meters
Oxygen(O2) Flow Meter            Helium gas flow meter
LPG Gas Flow meter                   nitrogen flow meter/N2 Flow Meter
Digital hot water flow meter      Digital Water Flow Meter
KEROSENE flow meter                Methane gas flow meter


In-line wafer vortex flow meter, sensor size up to 12 inch
Wafer connection is lower price cost than flanged vortex meter
Powerful and easy configuration vortex flow transmitter
Easy installation
All stainless steel vortex flow meter
Small pressure loss
Large measuring range and high accuracy
Accurate flow measurement is not affected by the fluids density, pressure, temperature, also viscosity
No moving mechanical parts inside the vortex flow sensor, so high reliability and low maintenance
Low price cost flow meter
Can be made into high temperature flow meter

Wafer Vortex flow meter dimensions

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