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Coriolis mass flow meter for chlorine gas measurement

Coriolis mass flow meter for chlorine gas measurement

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    Chlorine gas flow meter

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Coriolis flow meters can be suitable for measuring the flow of chlorine gas. However, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind when using a Coriolis flow meter for chlorine gas flow measurement:

Coriolis sensor Material Compatibility to chlorine gas measurement

Chlorine gas is highly corrosive, so it is crucial to ensure that the materials used in the Coriolis mass flow meter are compatible with chlorine gas. Look for a Coriolis flow meter specifically designed for measuring corrosive gases like chlorine (Cl2). Typically, flow meters for corrosive chlorine gas applications will have wetted parts made of materials such as Hastelloy which are resistant to chlorine's corrosive properties.

Safety Measures to use Coriolis flow meter for Chlorine

Chlorine gas is toxic and poses health and safety risks. When working with chlorine gas, it is essential to follow all safety guidelines and ensure the Chlorine mass flow meter is installed and used in a safe manner. Consider any specific safety features that the Coriolis flow meter may have, such as leak detection capabilities or pressure and temperature monitoring.

Consult the manufacturer to calculate the correct size of the chlorine gas flow meter

Flow Rate Range: Determine the expected flow rate range of the chlorine gas to be measured. Coriolis flow meters are capable of measuring a wide range of liquid and gas flow rates, so select a flow meter model that can accommodate the expected flow rates of the chlorine gas in your application. Consider the minimum and maximum flow rates and the flow meter's turndown ratio, which indicates the range over which the flow meter can provide accurate measurements, when choosing a proper type Coriolis flow meter to measure chlorine gas, please send all technical specifications to, we will calculate the proper mass flow sensor for you , normal request size is 1/2 inch Coriolis flow meter for chlorine gas measurement, 3/4” Coirolis meter for (Cl2), 1 inch chlorine mass flow meter, 2” mass flow meter for chlorine or 3” chlorine flow meters.

High precision chlorine gas metering is the main reason for choosing a Coriolis flow meter

Coriolis flow meter accuracy for chlorine gas: Evaluate the required accuracy and resolution for your chlorine gas flow measurement. Coriolis flow meters generally offer high accuracy and resolution, and generally the accuracy can reach to 0.5%, it's essential to verify that the selected chlorine flow meter meets your specific measurement requirements. Consider the stated accuracy specifications and ensure they align with your application's needs.

Your cost worth for the long time accuracy chlorine gas measurement

Cost: Consider your budget for the flow meter. Coriolis flow meters tend to be more expensive compared to some other flow meter types, such as thermal mass flow meter or rotameters. Evaluate the cost of the flow meter while also considering the long-term benefits and accuracy it provides for your chlorine gas flow measurement.
It is important to consult with flow meter manufacturers or specialists who have expertise in measuring chlorine gas flows. They can provide specific recommendations based on your application requirements and guide you in selecting a suitable Coriolis flow meter that can accurately and safely measure the flow of chlorine gas.

Why choose Coriolis flow meter for chlorine gas measurement?

Chlorine gas measurement is important for several reasons, particularly in industries and applications where chlorine gas is used. Chlorine gas is used in various industrial processes, such as water treatment, chemical manufacturing, and disinfection applications. Monitoring the flow rate and consumption of chlorine gas is important for maintaining optimal process conditions, ensuring consistent product quality, and minimizing waste. Accurate measurement of chlorine gas flow helps in controlling dosing rates, maintaining proper chemical ratios, and optimizing process efficiency.

Also in industrial applications, the efficient use of chlorine gas is essential to minimize costs and maximize operational efficiency. Accurate measurement of chlorine gas flow rates allows for better control over its usage, preventing over- or under-dosing. This ensures that the desired chemical reactions or disinfection processes occur effectively while minimizing waste and reducing operational expenses, this is why we need high accuracy Coriolis flow meter for chlorine gas measurement.
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