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4"turbine flow meter

4” Turbine flowmeter means the flow meter diameter is 4 inch or DN100.Turbine flow meter (TUF) is a kind of velocity flowmeter, which has high measurement accuracy, fast response and high pressure resistance, so it is widely used in industrial production. 4”turbine flow meter can be used to measure flow rate and total flow of water, diesel, gasoline, condensate ,RO water, natural gas, air , LPG gas, turbine flow meter for gas, biogas .,etc.

4”Turbine flow meter structure

4”Turbine flow meter structure
The structure of the 4inch turbine flow sensor is shown as above picture, the rotor and shaft is placed in a ball bearing with little friction, and the magnetoelectric device composed of magnetic steel and an induction coil is installed on the casing of the flow sensor. When the fluid flows through the transmitter, it pushes the rotor to rotate, and induces an electrical pulse signal in the magnetoelectric device, which is amplified and sent to the display instrument.

Principle of 4 Turbine Flowmeter

When the fluid flows through the turbine flow sensor, the rotation of the flow rotors cause the magnetically conductive blades to periodically change the magnetic resistance value of the magnetic circuit in the detector, so that the magnetic flux passing through the induction coil changes accordingly. An electrical pulse signal is generated. Within a certain flow range, the frequency (f) of the electrical pulse is proportional to the volume flow Q of the medium flowing through the transmitter, namely:
Where: K——proportional constant
In this way, 4” turbine flow transmitter can obtain the instantaneous flow rate of the fluid flowing through the pulse number and the cumulative flow rate within a certain period of time.

Features and technical specifications of 4 “turbine flowmeter

1. High accuracy, liquid or water flow measurement accuracy up to level 0.5 or even higher, therefore, it can be used as an accurate measuring instrument for flow. For gas measurement, turbine flow meter accuracy is 1.5 or 1.0%.
2. Quick response, suitable for measuring pulsating flow.
3. Wide range and linear scale.
For liquid turbine flow meter, DN100 turbine flow meter can measure 20-200 m3/h (88-880 GPM),
For air, natural gas or biogas, methane measurement, 4 inch turbine flow meter flow range can be 20-400 m3/h or 32-650 m3/h.
4. Digital turbine flow meter with pulse, 4-20mA current output, option with MODBUS RTU or HART protocol;
5. Flange connection: DIN or 4 inch ANSI, ASME, 150LB, 300Lb, DN100, PN16, PN25, PN40, JIS 10K, 20K;
6. Power supply for DN100 turbine flow meter: 24V DC , option with 220V AC; option with 3.6V battery powered 4” turbine flow meter;
7. Hazardous area: explosion proof Exd IIBT6

Installation of  4” liquid turbine flowmeter

1. The 4 inch turbine flowmeter should be installed horizontally, and the straight pipe section before and after the inlet and outlet should not be less than 15D and 5D. The distance between the transmitter and the preamplifier should not exceed 3m. Vertical installation is also possible; the flow direction of the medium is from bottom to top.
2. When installing the transmitter, the pipeline should be configured as shown in Figure
 Installation of 4” liquid turbine flowmeter
1 & 7-Stop Valve     2-exhauster    3—strainer     4- Upstream pipeline      5 - turbine flow meter        6 Downstream pipeline         8-By-pass
Exhauster is mainly used to eliminate the free gas mixed with the liquid medium. Since these gases occupy a certain volume, it will cause the measurement results to be unreal. Strainer is mainly used to various impurities in the measured fluid medium of the pipeline, such as particles, fibers, ferromagnetic substances, etc., which are filtered out and will not enter the turbine transmitter to protect the shaft and bearings from damage.
3. The liquid turbine flow meter should be installed in a place that is not affected by the external electromagnetic field; otherwise a shield should be added to the magnetoelectric induction converter of the transmitter.
4. Both the turbine flow transmitter and the digital display instrument should be well grounded, and the connecting cable should be shielded cable.

The maintenance of 4 inch liquid turbine flowmeter

1. The turbine flowmeter transmitter is connected to the display instrument, and a digital totalizing frequency meter is usually used as a secondary display instrument to measure the instantaneous value and cumulative value of the flow. SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS Universal provides an integrated electronic display head.
2. The proportional constant K of the transmitter (under normal circumstances, it is almost only related to its geometric parameters except for the viscosity of the medium. Therefore, after a transmitter is designed and manufactured, its instrument constant has been determined, and this value can only be accurately obtained after calibration. Usually, the factory uses clean water at normal temperature to calibrate the factory turbine transmitter, and gives the relevant data such as instrument constants on the calibration sheet.
Since the instrument constant is affected by the viscosity change of the measured medium, when the user measures the liquid flow with a viscosity not greater than 35-40 centipoise.
3. Since the impeller rotates at a high speed when the transmitter is working, wear still occurs even when the lubrication is good. In this way, after a certain period of use, the turbine transmitter cannot work normally due to wear, and the shaft or bearing should be replaced and used after re-calibration.

Order and purchase of 4” turbine flowmeter

In order to buy correct 4 inch turbine flow meters, you should provide below technical specifications to flow meter factory:
Fluids you measure? Is it gas or liquid? Water or air or biogas or diesel?
Is there any solids or suspending particles in the fluids?
Flow range?
Min, normal and max temperature?
Min, normal and max pressure?
Do you need any digital LCD display for digital turbine flow meter ?
Digital 4” turbine flow meter has pulse, frequency or 4-20mA output; please choose what kind output you want from 4inch turbine flow transmitter?
About communication: do you need any MODBUS RS485 ?

Price of 4” turbine flow meter

4” turbine flow meter price is affected by measured fluids, flow sensor material, pressure rating and functions, the minimum price for 4” turbine flow meter starts from $400. 
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