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Ultrasonic Level Meter PROFIBUS-DP Communication

In the ultrasonic level measurement, the ultrasonic pulse is emitted by the sensor (transducer), and the sound wave is reflected by the liquid surface and then received by the same sensor or ultrasonic receiver, converted into an electrical signal by the piezoelectric crystal or magnetostrictive device, and transmitted and received by the sound wave. The time between the time to calculate the distance from the sensor to the surface of the liquid being measured. Due to the non-contact measurement, the measured medium is almost unlimited and can be widely used for the measurement of various liquid and solid materials.
Silver Automation Instruments supplies Ultrasonic Levl sensor with Profibus-DP Protocol, let's see the details:

Ultrasonic Level Meter PROFIBUS-DP Communication

Technical Specification

PROFIBUS-DP/V0 protocol, meets the PROFIBUS specification---the third part of the GB/T20540-2006 Digital data communication for measurement and control Field bus for use in industrial control systems.

Standard PROFIBUS-DP driven interface, the supported baud rate is adaptive, with the maximum baud rate is 12M.

ID number

The ID number of the instrument is defined as 99A6H.


The instrument used as a slave, the effective address range is 0 -126 (decimal). The Ultrasonic Level Meter can be set by the button on the instrument or by the operator, there is no dipswitch setting mode.

Cable connection and termination resistors

There is no D-type connector in the instrument, the PROFIBUS cable can be fixed through the self-clamping terminal signal A, B.

As the instrument is at the end of bus, all the terminal resistors should be switch to ON position, to ensure that they can work. As the Ultrasonic Level Meter is not at the end of bus, all the terminal resistors should be switch to NO-ON position. Please see previous section about the instrument wiring description

GSD file

The file is HLML_99A6.GSD, placed in the CD-ROM which is provided with the instrument.


When set C-ab to C-00, the PROFIBUS input is the one word hexadecimal level value, namely 0000H~0FFFFH, which corresponds to the decimal level value of 0 ~ 65535mm.

When set C-ab to C-01, the PROFIBUS input is the one word hexadecimal empty value. The unit is millimeter.


None. The instrument doesn’t need the PROFIBUS output sent by the master.

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