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Oval gear flow sensor

Oval gear flow sensor

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Oval gear flowmeter is a very economical and practical flowmeter that can measure a variety of liquid, including a variety of clean liquids with low, medium and high viscosity. The gear flowmeter has a range ratio up to 10: 1, which can meet the occasions with a relatively large flow span. The oval gear flow sensor uses the fluids flow to push two very precise elliptical rotors to measure the flow. The latest technology and materials are used to measure accurately, reliably, and more importantly, economically.

Features of Oval gear flow sensor

  • Mechanical register oval gear flow meter without any power to show fluids total flow and instant flow
  • Oval gear flow metre measures a variety of clean liquids, including a variety of oils, chemicals, additives, lubricants, fuels etc.
  • High precision & high repeatability,
  • Very little leakage
  • Oval gear flow Sensor material: cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, etc.
  • No need for straight pipe, vertical or horizontal installation
  • High pressure type oval flow sensor is possible

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