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Oval gear flow transmitter

Oval gear flow transmitter

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Oval gear flowmeter is also known as positive displacement flowmeter, abbreviated as PD flowmeter. This gear flow meter is with higher accuracy, especially suitable for measuring the flow of high-viscosity media. The oval gear flow transmitter uses mechanical measuring elements to continuously divide the fluid into a single known volume part, and measures the total volume of the fluid according to the number of times that the metering chamber is filled and discharged successively and repeatedly. However, if the flow rate of the measured medium is too small during use, the effect of the leakage error of the elliptical gear flow meter will be prominent. Then ensure sufficient measurement accuracy.

Features of Oval gear flow transmitter

  • 1. The Gear flowmeter is a direct-reading flow measurement instrument, which does not require external energy, and can directly obtain the cumulative total, which is clear and easy to operate. It is a kind of mechanical flow meter, but can also work with oval gear flow transmitters which output 4-20Ma or pulse working at 24V DC or 12V DC.
  • 2. Oval gear meter is less affected by physical properties such as the viscosity of the fluids and the flow state. It is particularly suitable for the measurement of slurry and high viscosity liquids. It is also suitable for low viscosity fluids. It can also measure the pulsating flow that is not easily measured by other type’s flow meters.
  • 3. There is no requirement for the front straight pipe section when installing oval gear flow sensor.
  • 4. Turn down ratio for oval flow meter is usually 10: 1 to 5: 1.
  • 5. The oval gear flow meter has high measurement accuracy, the basic error is generally ± 0.5% R, and the special error can reach ± 0.2% R or higher. Usually used for custody transfer or where precise metering is required.
  • 6. Oval gear flow transmitter can be equipped with HART or MODBUS Protocol.

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