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Oil Flow measurement is often been asked by our customers, and we often have good solution to different kinds of oil, such as hygienic type liquid turbine flow meter for edible oil flow measurement, viscous heavy oil we use oval gear flow meter or coriolis mass flow meter, we also have a lot flow meters options for diesel and petrol, below is the application sample for diesel and petrol flow measurement.

Oil Flow measurement
Flow meter Inquiry:
We now need flow meters for petrol and diesel dispensers. Nozzle diameter is one inch and diesel flow meter may be in the range of 3-5 m3/h. In our opinion positive displacement type flow meter may be utilized for this application. Flow meter must have at least one output (Analog or pulse) as we want to connect flow meter with data logger and make its measurement available at our web portal.
Would you like to help us in selecting most suitable flow meter? You may quote us if suitable oil flow meter is available with you.
Thanks for your inquiry; we have two options for you:

Oval gear flow meter as petrol and diesel flow meter
Oval meter is a kind of positive displacement type flow meter, the flow range for 1 inch size is 0.6-6 m3/h which can cover your request diesel flow (3-5 m3/h) perfectly.
The principle is that : The diesel fluid flows into the oval gear chamber, the blocking rotor is forced to rotate and the movement of the fluid is translated from linear motion to rotational motion. The displacement meters rotate with the blocking meter to guide the fluid though the chamber. The blocking meter's rotation determines the output of the meter and is transmitted to a register.
See Oval gear flowmeter model selection for your oil flow measurement
LC-Silver Automation Instruments LC series oval gear flow meter
A-Oval meter material: cast iron
25-Flow meter size 25mm=1 inch
.2/-Operation pressure rating: 1.6Mpa
BELZ-2-Flow meter with digital indictor, instant and totalized flow ,24V DC power suuply,2 wire system ,with Explosion proof.
Product more information link:

Liquid Turbine Flow meter as petrol and diesel Flow meter
We also have another lighter and cheaper option: Liquid turbine flow meter to measure petrol flow .Good news is that 1 inch turbine flow meter flow range is 1-10 m3/h, which can also be used in your request range.
Liquid Turbine Flow meter
SLW-Silver Automation Instruments liquid turbine flow meter
25-Flow sensor size 25mm= in inch
C-Flow transmitter with digital display,4-20mA analog output,24V DC power supply.
S-Flow range ,standard 1-10 m3/h
E-With Explosion Proof
N-Liquid flow meter pressure rating 1.6Mpa
T1-Operation temperature :-20-80℃
FL-Process connection: Flange connection, DIN standard, PN16
More product information and catalog link:

Both above mentioned flow sensors can be used in your oil flow measurement, but liquid turbine flow meter is much lighter than oval flow meters, 1 inch oval meter is around 25kg with packing wooden box, while 1 inch turbine flow meter gross weight is only 5 kg, so light turbine flow sensor can save you a lot shipping cost obviously.
However Oval gear flow meter is heavy and really robust, and is a kind of traditional oil flow meter for many years, many people prefer this kind of PD flow meters.
It is up to you , Silver Automation information can provide both cheap price petrol flow sensors with good delivery time.
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