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DP flow meter orifice plate

DP flow meter orifice plate

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The orifice plate type flow meter is a differential pressure device for measuring flow. It can be used with differential pressure transmitters to measure various liquid or gas in the pipeline.
Orifice plate flow meter includes standard annular chamber orifice plate, nozzle and so on. Orifice flowmeter throttling device is used with differential pressure transmitter to measure the flow of liquid, steam and gas. Orifice plate differential pressure flow meter is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power, light industry and other departments.

How Orifice plate flow meter work?

The fluid filled with the pipeline, when they flow through the throttle device in the pipeline, the flow beam will form a local contraction at the throttle of the throttle device, thereby increasing the flow velocity and low static pressure, so it is generated before and after the throttle. The pressure drop, that is, the differential pressure, the greater the flow rate, the larger the pressure difference generated before and after the throttle, so the orifice flowmeter can measure the flow rate of the fluid by measuring the pressure difference. This flow measurement method is based on the laws of energy conservation and flow continuity.
Some orifice plate flow meter manufacture develop multi-parameters orifice plate flow meter, it can detect temperature, pressure and DP with one flow meter sensor to calculate the gas flow at standard condition or calculate the steam mass flow.

Features of DP flow meter orifice plate

  • Easy structure and stable performance
  • Long service life
  • Low price cost orifice plate flow meter
  • Orifice flowmeters have a wide range of applications
  • Various sizes available: 2”, 4" orifice plate flow meter, 6”, 8”, 10 inche.,etc
  • High stability
  • Turn down range: 3:1~4:1
  • Suitable for measuring media such as steam, coal oven gas and cooling water, blast-furnace gas, compressed air or dirty fluids
  • Can be used as high temperature flow meter or high pressure flow meter
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