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Why We Choose Balanced Flow meters instead of Traditional Orifice Plate?

Balanced flow meter is a kind of DP flow meters, it is multi-hole orifice plate ,and now is widely used and replace the traditional type orifice plate , and it has a lot advantages comparing to traditional DP flow meters, here we list the merits of the balanced flow meter:
multi-hole orifice plate,balance flow meter

Disadvatage of Balanced Flowmeter

Wide Flow measurement range

According to the test results, we learned that the balance flow meter has wide measuring range; its minimum Reynolds number can be less than107, the maximum Reynolds number is greater than 200; the β value can be 0.25~0.90.

Low pressure loss

The multi-holes balance design reduces the formation of turbulent shear forces and eddy currents and reduces the loss of kinetic energy. Under the same measurement conditions, the permanent pressure loss is reduced by 2.5 times compared with the traditional orifice plate flow meters, thus saving considerable the large operating energy cost is an energy-saving instrument that deserves a lot of promotion.

Can work for tough medium

Due to its special structural design, it has special properties, it can carry out gas-liquid two-phase, various mixed gases (such as gas, biogas, gas, etc.), various low-temperature gases (such as LNG, liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen) , liquid argon, liquid hydrogen, liquid chlorine, liquefied ethylene, liquefied petroleum gas, etc.), gas-liquid two-phase medium (such as moisture), slurry, multi-phase water flow, vibrating water flow, electromagnetic interference medium and bidirectional flow (because of balance The flow meter is completely symmetrical left and right).

High linearity and good repeatability

The balanced flow sensor has the characteristics of multi-holes structure, which can balance the flow field, reduce the eddy current, vibration and signal noise, greatly improve the stability of the flow field, increase the linearity by 5~10 times than the orifice plate, and improve the repeatability by 54. %, which is 0.15%, from the perspective of its comprehensive performance,

Balance flow meter can measure high temperature and high pressure medium

Like the other throttling device such as orifice plate, V-cone, the working temperature pressure depends on the material and grade of the pipe and flange. The working temperature can reach 850 °C and the working pressure can reach 42 MPa.

Low requirements of the straight pipe

The balance flow sensor which is manufactured by Silver Automation Instruments is stable due to the stable flow field and the pressure recovery is twice as fast as the orifice plate. The requirements for the straight pipe section are generally 1D after the first 3D, and the minimum can be less than 0.5D, thus eliminating a large number of straight pipe sections. Especially for pipes with special expensive materials, it will save a lot cost when install the Balance flow meter.

Flow sensor is resistant to dirt is not easy to block

The porous symmetrical balance design reduces the formation of turbulent shear forces and eddy currents, thereby greatly reducing the formation of dead zones and ensuring that dirty media passes through multiple holes, reducing the chance of fluid holes being blocked.

can directly replace the orifice plate

It has the same usage and shape as the orifice plate, so it can be directly replaced with Balance flow meter, without any piping changes and related flow measuring instrument changes; it is suitable for the whole plant energy metering transformation to change the orifice plate to the balance flowmeter.

Stable Performance and long-serving time

Due to the significant reduction of turbulent shear force, the direct friction between the medium and the throttle is greatly reduced, and the β value remains unchanged for a long time. The entire flow instrument has no moving parts, so the stability can be maintained for a long time.

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