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V-Cone Flow Meter

V-Cone Flow Meter

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V-Cone Flow Meter Overview

The V- Cone flow meter is an advanced technology that takes differential pressure flow measurement to a new level. The V-Cone flow meter has proven its performance in the oil and gas industry in some of the harshest operating conditions and for the widest variety of fluid types. In these applications, the V- Cone flow meter consistently outperforms traditional DP devices and other major flow technologies.

V-Cone Flow Meter Features

  • Low Installed Cost

Because it does not require long straight pipe runs or flow conditioning devices, the V-Cone flow meter can fit into tight spaces. When retrofitting existing applications, the V-Cone flow meter typically fits right in place without having to reengineer the piping layout.

This installation flexibility saves cost, space and minimizes weight penalty problems without compromising the accuracy of the measurements. Future changes to upstream or downstream piping configurations will not affect the performance of the V-Cone flow meter.

  • Wide Range of Flows and Fluids

The V-Cone flow meter handles most every flow condition because it acts as its own flow conditioner. This not only allows maximum installation flexibility, but accurate measurement of disturbed or swirling flows. In addition, the V-Cone flow meter is designed to withstand abrasive, dirty and particle laden flows without significant wear.

  • Ideal for Wet Gas and Steam

The V-Cone flow meter’s ability to measure wet gas, steam, or condensate is unique in the industry. In side by side tests with other DP technologies, only the V-Cone flow meter provided accurate measurement of these challenging flow regimes.

  • Superior Performance

The V-Cone flow meter delivers accuracy to ±0.5% of rate and ±0.1% repeatability (depending on fluid type) under a variety of conditions. It also handles turndowns of 10:1 and greater, without loss of accuracy.

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