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Orifice Plate Flow Meter

Orifice Plate Flow Meter

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What is Orifice Plate Flow Meter?

An orifice plate flow meter is a device with a hole in it, the function of which is for measuring volume flow rate, restricting flow, or reducing pressure. The device is applicable for common measurements in clean liquid, gas, and stream flow. It’s compatible with any pipe diameter and is known as an economical flow measurement solution on bigger line sizes.

Orifice Plate Flow Meter Working Principle

An orifice meter determines a gas or liquid flow-rate by using the Bernoulli's principle, which acknowledges the relationship between the pressure and the velocity of the fluid. The device is installed in the flow pathway, allowing the fluid to pass through it. As a pressure drop occurs between the inlet and outlet section of the device, the magnitude of the drop will be used as a basis for calculating the flow rate. This working principle is identical to that of venturi meter.

Orifice Plate flow meter types

  • Square-edge, concentric orifice plate flow meters
  • Square –edge, eccentric orifice plate flow meters
  • Square-edge, segmental orifice plate flow meter
  • Quadrant Radius Orifice Plate flow meter

Orifice Plate Flow meter Main Technical Parameters





Orifice flow meter:±1.5%

Orifice flow meter:±1.0%




Nominal diameter


Range ratio


Operating pressure


Medium temperature


Straight pipe requirement

Orifice flow meter:Upstream pipe 5-8D,downstream pipe4-8D


Orifice Plate Flow meter Advantages

Below are the advantages of using orifice plate flow meter:

  • 1. The Orifice is easy to install and remove.
  • 2. Reliable and efficient for long term use.
  • 3. Cheaper than other types of flow meters.
  • 4. Simple in construction.
  • 5. Easy to maintain.
  • 6. Measures wide range of flow rates and have wide application

Orifice plate flow meter manufacturer

Silver Automation Instruments offer low price cost and rugged orifice meter from China orifice plate flow meter manufacture with more than 30 years manufacture experience.

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