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Wedge Flow meter overview

Wedge flow meter is a flow measuring device or instrument that calculated the flow rate of liquid, gas, and steam on the basis of differential pressure. This new development helps in the quantification of flow pressure and the rate of fluid flow. These measurable fluids include liquid, steam, and gas. This device works specifically for line fluids that are hard to measure. The wedge flow meter measures the flow precisely of both the clean and highly viscous liquids. Its structure consists of a cylindrical pipe also called a measuring pipe or the body of the meter that consists of pressure taps on the anterior side and a wedge restriction on the backside of the body. Also, there is a V-shaped constriction in the middle of the measuring pipe. This built-in design enables efficient flow measurement.

Wedge Flow meter Principle

A typical wedge flow meter works on the principal on differential pressure. According to this principle, the pressure of the fluid flowing through the pressure taps is measured as high-pressure fluid or high dynamic pressure and that flowing at the wedge restriction behind is measured as low pressure or low dynamic pressure. The difference in both pressures is the differential pressure that gives the value of fluid flow. Detailed knowledge suggests that there is a V-shaped constriction in the body of the flow meter. This constriction impedes the fluid flow and thus the velocity of fluid increases. This restriction brings a change in the kinetic energy of the flowing fluid. Now, according to energy principle, there will be a difference of potential energy at wedge and pressure tap areas. This creates a differential pressure that is the basic principle of this flow meter.

Wedge Flow meter Features

  • Greater accuracy lowers the risk of pressure loss.
  • Use for both high and low extremes of Reynold's numbers.
  • Robust design for particle-laden fluids.
  • Built-in structure.

Wedge Flow meter Applications

The structure of the wedge flow meter enables its greater and precise application for slurred and highly viscous fluids,it is a kind of high viscosity fluids flow meter. Its vigorous design allows it to work more effectively against abrasive and dust-filled liquids and gas. Therefore it finds its application in wastewater management, sewage control management, paper industry, oil/gas refineries, and mining industry. Its greater clinical application also involves petrochemical industries and other industries of chemical nature. This makes it one of the most useful flow meters.

A good number of flow meters have been designed and used widely in different industries. All these meters possess some distinct features that differentiate them from other flowmeters. However, in most aspects, the wedge meter is considered better and more accurate. Wedge flow meters possess the following advantages over the other flow meters.

  • 1- Highly robust design
  • 2- Resistant to wear and tear
  • 3- Precise and accurate measurement of highly viscous fluids.
  • 4- Increased flexibility for any fluid flow profile.
  • 5- Easy to install and do not require special training.
  • 6- Less costly than many other flow meters.

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