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Balanced flow meter Overview

multi-hole orifice plate ,balance flow meter

Why Balanced Flow meter?

Balanced flow meter is a kind of DP flow meters, and it is multi-hole orifice plate. The balanced flow meter has improved the traditional throttle flow meters; it has excellent features as below

  • a. No Moving Parts inside the flow sensor
  • b. No strict requirement for straight pipelines before and after the flow sensor
  • c. High accuracy reach to 0.2~0.5%
  • d. Low Pressure loss, comparing to traditional orifice plate, pressure loss decrease 70%
  • e. Excellent and economical choice for high pressure and high temperature application

Where to use Balanced Flow meter?

It can be applied to the measurement of gas, liquid, gas-liquid two-phase, liquid gas, bi-directional flow, dirty fluids and slurry.

Where To buy Balanced FlowMeter ?

Recently, balanced flow meters are more and more popular, they have great advantages in measuring high temperature and high pressure fluids and have rugged constructions. USA has famous factories to produce balanced flow meters but in expensive cost and long delivery time. Till now, there are still very few Balanced flow meters manufacturers in China. Silver Automation Instruments can supply balanced flowmeters made in China with competitive price and robust quality.

Technical Specifications

1. Flow sensor Range: DN15~DN3000;

2. Flow meter Accuracy : ±0.3%, ±0.5%, ±1%;

3, straight pipe requirements when install : 0.5D ~ 2D;

4, Pressure loss: 1/3 ~ 1/4 of the traditional orifice plate;

5, the turn down ratio: 10:1, the appropriate working condition data can be made wider;

6, repeatability: 0.1%;

7, β range: 0.25 ~ 0.9;

9, Max fluids Temperature: 850 ° C;

10, Max Operation Pressure : 42MPa;

11. It is possible to measure forward and reverse flow, bi-directional flow meter

How the balanced Flow meter work?

Balance flowmeter is a kind of differential pressure (DP) flow instrument. The working principle is the same as other differential pressure flowmeters. It is based on the principle of energy conversion in a sealed pipeline: The square root of the pressure is proportional to the flow and the difference in the pipeline in the case of an ideal fluid. The flow in the pipe can be calculated according to the equation by measuring the differential pressure value. The balanced flow sensor is a multi-holes throttle rectifier installed on the cross section of the pipe. The size and distribution of each hole are based on customized with special formulas and test data, called function holes. When the fluid passes through the hole in the shape of the disc, the fluid will be balanced and rectified, and the eddy current will be minimized to form an approximately ideal fluid. Through the pressure-receiving device, a stable differential pressure signal can be obtained, according to the law of mass conservation and energy in fluid mechanics. The law of conservation calculates the volumetric flow and mass flow of the fluid.

blanced flow meter principle

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