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Vortex steam flow meter

Vortex steam flow meter

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Why Vortex Flow Meter can measure steam?

A vortex steam flow meter makes use of the natural creation of vortices when a fluid passes around an obstruction. Fluids include gases, as well as liquids and vortex flow meters, are ideally suited to measuring the flow of vapor

Steam is a problematic fluid to measure because of the high pressure and  high temperature and its different types – wet, saturated and supersaturated – causing differences in measurements. But steam is a critical element in many processes, including power generation. Vortex flow meters are not affected by either temperature or pressure and can provide four process measurements (mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure, temperature ) which are useful in the monitoring and control of steam in a process.

Features or advantages of vortex flow meter for high-temperature steam or vapor

  • ✔   Integrated temperature and pressure correction, can realize steam mass flow meter by only one flow meter
  • Can work as saturated steam or overheated stream flow meter
  • Vortex steam flow meter's performance is not adversely affected by high temperature or pressure, and it has a wide rangeability which makes it an excellent device for measuring the flow of steam straight from a boiler.
  • They are reliable and accurate, with minimal pressure drop, in use and install at any angle provided the meter stays flooded with steam. The shorter pipe run gives considerable cost savings when using vortex meters compared with other types.
  • Impulse lines can be affected by condensation affecting the accuracy of the readings and potential safety issues – vortex flow meters do not have impulse lines, and these issues do not arise. The vortex flow meter has minimum leak points which are critical when dealing with high pressure, hot fluid like steam for safe plant operations.
  • The readings from a vortex flow meter can be transmitted , meaning that they can be installed in awkward and potentially dangerous places to provide safe, efficient monitoring of the steam.

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