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Air flow rotameter

Air flow rotameter

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This air flow rotameter also termed as variable area air flow meter  is a commercial instrument that functions as a flow measuring device. It is an accurate and precise device that specifies in hazardous conditions. It monitors the filtration flow of air or compressed air and calculates the flow. Rotameter is a device with wide benefits and applications. Rotameter is used in different industries concerned with fluids. These fluids include liquids, steam and gas. Pharmaceutical plants, food-related industries, pure water, and municipal plants and some other industries find the use of Rotameter for precise flow rate determination. However rotamter is used to measure air is a economical and low cost option.Buyers should provide air flow range, air operation temperature and pressure, also air density to rotameter factory when purchase.

Principle of air flow rotameter

The main idea used in Rotameter functioning is "variable area determination". The manufacture of the mechanical parts of Rotameter consists of a tapered tube made of metals like steel or other durable metals. A centrally placed suspension called the float of Rotameter is the main sensory part of the device. A level of markings from 0 to 10 is made within the meter from bottom to top. Normally the float is at 0 levels. As the fluid begins to flow through the meter, it induces a push on the float forcing it to move up the level. This movement is utilized to calculate the value of the fluid flow rate.

Air flow Rotameter is a device full of benefits and advantages. Some benefits of this device include

  • 1- Up to 300 C of high temperature is tolerable by Rotameter without affecting the accuracy.
  • 2- Metallic design favors long-lasting stability.
  • 3- Multiple output and dual display provide the advantage of collecting the reading.
  • 4- The air range of 0.05 to 0.5 M3/h is measurable.
  • 5- Ease of installation and ability to work in corrosive conditions.
  • 6- Air flow measurement rotameter can be installed in vertical or horizontal pipelines.

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