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Liquid turbine flow meter with MODBUS

Liquid turbine flow meter with MODBUS

Liquid turbine flow meter is low price flow measuring instrumentation for clean, low viscosity and low corrosive liquid flow measurement. It can be used for clean water, hot water, diesel, gasoline, milk, chemical addictive. It is a kind of cost-effective turbine flow sensor with current 4-20mA output. Silver Automation Instruments sell liquid turbine flow meter from China flow meter manufacturers at competitive price and good quality; it is a kind of stainless steel flow meter sensor.


Liquid passing the turbine sensor where there is rotor inside, the rotor is spinning at a speed which has close relationship with the fluid flow rate.

Features & Specifications

High accuracy: 0.5% of Reading
Large turn down ratio: 10:1
Compact construction
Protection level: IP65
Output: 4-20mA or Pulse
Communication: RS485,MODBUS-RTU
Display: digital display
Flow sensor size: DN4 to DN200 (8 inch turbine flow meter)
Process connection: Thread, wafer, flange, tri-clamp
Power supply: 24V
Power consumption < 0.5W
Input signal frequency: 0~3000Hz
Material: 304 or 316 stainless steel

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