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Development of China Paper Recorders and Paperless Recorders

Paper Recorder and Paperless Recorder

The paper recorder and paperless recorder are important tools for recording data and are widely used in a variety of industrial process control. The recorder can store temperature, pressure, flow, voltage and other data in industrial control. The recorder has developed for decades and has gone through two stages: paper recorder and paperless recorder.The formation of paperless recorders began in the petrochemical industry. Before the 1990s, the petrochemical industry used paper recorders when recording parameters such as flow, temperature, and pressure at the site. A paper recorder uses a pen to draw curves on the recording paper to preserve various instrumentation measurement data during industrial control. This mechanical paper recorder has many moving parts and is easily damaged. It requires regular replacement of paper and ink, so the running cost is relatively high, and the later data processing is troublesome, andpaperless recorder the data is not easy to save.

When First Paperless Recorder Appeared In China?

In 1992, the Multinational Instrumentation Exhibition was held in Beijing. Some famous brand instruments in Europe and America showed a new concept of paperless recorder. Some instrumentation companies in China have carried out imitation and start the paperless recorder research and development. In 1996, the first China-made paperless recorder appeared in the market. This recorder used microprocessors, semiconductor memories and digital displays to overcome many of the drawbacks of traditional paper recorders and immediately occupied the market.

China Paperless Recorder and Top Brand Paperless Graphic Recorder

The chartless recorder has then experienced 10 years of development. During the development process, the paperless recorder technology has been continuously updated. At present, the recorder technology produced by some China recorder manufacturers is quite stable and the price is very cheap and quite competitive in the market. Although the paperless recorders of international companies such as Honeywell and YOKOGAWA are more exquisite in workmanship and slightly better in accuracy performance than paperless recorders which are manufactured in China, the price is basically four times that of Chinese paperless recorders. Therefore, the Chinese market is basically used local recorders.

More Powerful Functions

At present, the performance and technology of the recorder are quite perfect. For example, data logger can be connected to the computer via RS485 communication. Silver automation instruments can provide up to 48 channels of paperless recorder. The recorder can also output 4-20mA and alarm relay for the industrial control purpose, and can also provide 24VDC power supply to sensors, such as thermocouple and RTD, pressure sensor, flow meter, ultrasonic level sensor.etc. Users can record the data and transfer the data by USB interface or SD card, Silver Automation Instruments can even provide paperless recorders with mathematic functions, which channels can realize “+,-,x,÷” mathematics
At present, we promote the paperless recorder with the E-thernet port, which is very popular among customers.

Low Price But Stable Performance Chartless Recorder

As we know from above that China chartless recorder has stable quality and performance, through the huge market use feedback that it can run for more than 10 years without any problem, if you are quite interested in China paperless recorders, please do not hesitate to contact us. Below is our paperless recorder catalog information :
we have many customers to use our paperless recorders with repeat orders, for example, UniThai Group Co,AUTOMATION WEIGHT SPECIALISTS LTD,IPSH SDN BHD ,KAS CONTROL CO.,LTD and so on.

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