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16 digital inputs paperless recorder

  • 16 digital inputs (We also called frequency inputs), range: 0Hz ~10000Hz
  • Monochromatic and chromatic paperless graphic recorder
  • Paperless graphic chart recorder Size: 5.6”,10.4”
  • Free data management software (which we can parameterize and configure/program recorder and communication cable RS485
  • Flash disk (U disk) 8 GB
  • E-thernet communication option
  • Supply 220 VAC, 50Hz.24VDC power supply option
  • 1~12 relay outputs
  •  Wiring diagram and connection of recorder to the sensors

  • SX 5000 Paperless RecorderSX 5000 Paperless Recorder2017/04/12SX5000 blue-screen paperless recorder has max 16-channel universal inputs. 5.6" size.RS485 and USB interface .Get the price now.view
  • SX 6000 Paperless RecorderSX 6000 Paperless Recorder2017/04/12SX6000 color-screen paperless recorder has max 16-channel universal input. 5.6" size .Chartless Recorder with RS485, USB,E-thernet options. Contact us for price.view
  • SX 8000 Paperless RecorderSX 8000 Paperless Recorder2017/04/12SX8000 color-screen paperless recorder has max 40-channel universal inputs. 10.4" size. USB interface and RS485 options. Email us for the price.view Protection Status