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26GHz Pulse Radar Level Meter Wiring

This article is mainly talking about SKRD-26G Hz Radar Level Meter Wiring 

Electrical Connection

l Power supply

(4~20mA) /HART(2 wire)

The power supply and output signal using the same cable, specified power supply refer to technical data; for Intrinsically safe type radar level meter, Safety Barrier is needed between power supply and radar level meter.

(4~20mA) /HART(4 wire)

The power supply and output signal using separate cables, specified power supply refer to technical data;


Power supply and Modbus signal using the same shielded cable with 2 cores.

l Install Connection cable

General Introduction

Cable external diameter:



Connection cable is 2 core or 4 core cables. The

Sensor cable need to be shielded cable to free from electric drive, power supply cable or launcher devices interface

(4~20mA) /HART(2 wire)

Power supply cable can be common 2 core cable

(4~20mA) /HART(4 wire)

Power supply cable should be cable with grounding.


Power supply cable should be shielded cable

General Introduction

Ideally, both ends of the shield cable should be grounded, but we should notice that there is grounding compensation cable pass the sensor cable shield. When grounding, we can connect one end(In switch cabinet, for example)with ground potential capacitance(1Μf;1500V)

Lower resistance grounding is recommended

(Note: if the instrument is used in hazardous area, for potential transmission, both ends can not be grounded.

l Wiring

24V 2-Wire connection:

24V 4-Wire connection:

24V RS485/Modbus connection:

Standard type (None hazardous area protection)

Intrinsically safe Proof

Explosive Proof

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