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Variable Area Flow Transmitter

Variable Area Flow Transmitter

  • Turbine water flow meter

    Turbine water flow meter

    Turbine water flow meter is a flow sensingdevice that measures the water flowrate from the calculation of the rotationso...

  • Digital Metal Tube Rotameter

    Digital Metal Tube Rotameter

    Rotameter digital, also known as variablearea flow meter is a device that measures flow rates of different fluids within...

Rotameter or metal tube flow meter is a flow measuring device for various liquids, gases, and steam. It utilizes the principles of the variable area to calculate the flowing rate. Due to their high accuracy of measurements, Rotameter is widely employed in commercial industries. Variable area flow meter can be local indicator type without any power supply, it can also equip with flow transmitters to have different output or alarms.

Principle of working

A metal tube Rotameter is a simply designed device containing a cylindrical tube made up of metal and a centrally placed piston. The metal elements used include aluminum tubes and steel. These metals provide durability and stability to the meter. A sensor is also part of this device that is meant for calculation purposes. When installed in a fluid flowing area, the piston or float of the Rotameter undergoes a change in its direction from the bottom of the tube to the top. This change in position and the distance of travel by the piston is directly proportional to the flow rate which is calculated by the sensor. This is why Rotameter is also called variable area flow meter.

Benefits of variable area flow transmitter

  • Digital type Rotameter possesses the following advantages and benefits specific to it.
  • Electronic rotameter indicator to show fluids flow rate and total flow
  • Rotameter transmitters with multiple outputs, such as current, pulse or alarm relay outputs
  • Various protocol, such as HART, MODBUS-RTU
  • Metallic tube flow sensor has the greater ability to withstand higher temperatures and pressure
  • Higher accuracy of measurements and lower risks of miscalculations
  • Tolerant of hazardous conditions


A wide range of industries are currently using variable area flow transmitter for flue measurements. As these meters can measure the flow rate of gases, liquids, and clean and corrosive liquids, they are used in corrosion related plants, water management plants, pure water distillations, pharmaceutical industries, and other food processing industries. The transmitter outputs various signals for different process control and data remote transfer.

Industries concerned with liquids, gases, and steam make use of metal tube variable area meters for the determination of accurate flow rates. Food plants and pharma industries use these meters frequently. Also, water management plants and industries related to municipal, furnaces and sampling labs utilize Rotameter for their measurement

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