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Gas Turbine Flow Meter Installation and Warning when in Use

Gas turbine flow meter is a perfect instrument to measure clean gas at low or middle flow rate. It can realize high accurate gas or air flow measurement, due to its stable performance; gas turbine meter can be used as custody transfer gas flow meter. We choose correct size air flow meter according to the flow range, pressure rating, also it is important to install the gas sensor correctly to obtain the best air flow measurement result. Below is the article to give you some advice how to install the gas meter and get the best gas measuring result.

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Gas Turbine flow meter Installation Position
Below is the recommend gas turbine flow meter measuring installation:

Gas Turbine flow meter Installation Position
Gas turbine meter Installation Precautions
1.When the flowmeter is on the pipeline, it is not allowed to weld the pipe flange; the flowmeter should be removed before the flange can be welded.
2.Clean the debris, welding slag and dust in the pipeline before installing the flowmeter.
3.In order to facilitate the maintenance of the flowmeter by the user without affecting the normal circulation of the fluid, it is recommended to set the bypass conduit as shown in the figure above.
4.In order to prevent impurities from entering the flowmeter, a filter must be installed.
5.The flow meter should be installed horizontally. It is recommended to install a steel Piping Flexibility in the straight pipe section after the flowmeter. The Piping Flexibility must conform to the nominal diameter and nominal pressure of the pipe design. The Piping Flexibility is used as compensation for the pipe stress and facilitates the installation and disassembly of the flowmeter.
6.If the flowmeter needs to be installed vertically, it should be specified Silver Automation Insttruments at the time of ordering, and the product should be configured accordingly. When gas meters are installed and used, the airflow should be from top to bottom.
7.When the flowmeter is installed outdoors, it is recommended to add a protective cover to prevent rainwater sun, which will affect the service life of the flowmeter.
8.There should be no strong external magnetic field interference and strong mechanical vibration around the flowmeter.
9.The flowmeter needs to be grounded reliably, but it must not be shared with the grounding of the high-power system.

Air turbine flow meter Installation Warning
For your safety, please read the following safety warnings carefully before using the flow meter.
1.Fluid should not corrode the meter housing and the wet parts material.
2.When measuring flammable gases, take care to prevent fire or explosion.
3.When handling hazardous gases, follow the manufacturer's safe operating practices.
4.Follow the correct procedures when working in a hazardous environment.
5.Do not purge the turbine flowmeter with compressed air.
6.Note that the turbine blades inside the flowmeter can affect accuracy even with small scratches or gaps on the blades.
7.For best measuring results, the meter should be calibrated within one year
8.It is recommended that gas turbine flow meter manual should be handed over to the equipment operation personnel and maintenance personnel after the equipment starts to operate normally, they should operate and maintenance according to the instructions.

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