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Compact converter mag flow meter

Compact converter mag flow meter

Compact style mag meter has integral display together with magnetic flow sensors which is easy for flow rate reading and parameter configurations. It is usually used when the operation environment is relative good, not corrosive, no high temperature and magmeter is not installed in high place or underground place.
Compact digital display magnetic inductive flow meter is worked on Faraday’s Induction principle, and it is used to measure conductive liquid, such as acids, caustic, water , chemical and slurries.


Integral magnetic flow converter for easy installation and reading flow rate
Full-bore mag flow sensor, no obstruction inside the sensor, so little flow impediment
Volumetric flow rate measurement
Bi-directional flow measurement can display forward and reverse flow
No moving parts inside the flow sensor, little maintenance work is need
Option with large size, such as 4 inch,8 inch,10 inch ,12 inch ,20 inch magnetic flow meter
High accuracy flow meter reaches to 0.5%, and even 0.25%

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