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Metal tube flow meter

Metal tube flow meter

Metal tube flow meter, is also known as Rotameter or variable area flowmeter, when metal tube flow meter is working, the pressure difference between the two ends of the float is always a constant value when the float is in any equilibrium position in use, the Metal tube rotameter is also called a constant pressure differential flowmeter.
Rotameters are widely used. It can be divided into glass tube rotameter, metal tube flow meters, and remote transmission rotameter and so on. Among them, the glass tube rotameter is used for measurement of transparent fluid media on site, and the metal tube flow meter indicates the flow rate through a pointer, or the flow can be observed from the secondary display instrument at a place far away from the site through the remote transmission signal. But no matter what kind of rotameter, their measurement principle is the same.

Metal tube flow meters applications

Metal tube rotameter can measure liquid, gas, steam, and vapor.
Liquids Contain: Water, Diesel, biodiesel, fatty acid , NAOH, chemical solution, enzyme solution, H2SO4, Ethanol, methyl alcohol   90 %,Vegetable edible oil,Sunflower, Corn,R O.water, Sodium Carbonate(Na2CO3), BARIUM CARBONATE,Reverse Osmosis unit, caustic soda ( NaOH), Vinegar
Gas contain: Hydrogen (H2), helium(He), methane (CH4), ammonia(NH3), carbon monoxide(CO), nitrogen (N2 gas), ethylene, air, ethane, oxygen (O2), hydrogen sulfides(H2S), hydrogen chloride, argon, propane, carbon dioxide, methyl chloride, butane, sulfur dioxide, chlorine (Cl2); acid gas

Metal tube flow meter principle

The Metal tube rotameter is mainly composed of a conical tube that expands upward and a rotor (also called a float) that floats up and down with the flow rate of the measured medium in the metal tube. When the fluid flows from bottom to top, the lifting force acting on the float caused by the differential pressure before and after the float is greater than the weight of the float immersed in the fluid, which makes the float rise. The annular area of also gradually increases, the fluid velocity gradually decreases, and the force acting on the float gradually decreases, until the lifting force is equal to the weight of the float immersed in the fluid, and the float stabilizes at a certain height H. According to this height, the flow value of the fluid flowing through the rotameter can be measured.

Metal tube flow meter specifications:

  • Metal tube flow meter size: 1/2 inch, 3/4”, 1 in,1-1/2 ",DN50,DN100,3”,6 INCH,8 inch, DIN 200 dia.
  • VA flow meter can have flow unit: GPM,LPM,LPH,m3/h, Nm3/h,kg/h, L/H,
  • Flow range: 16LPH, 5-50LPM, 8000 LPH, 100LPH, 630 l/h, 2500 LPH. 5-50LPM, 16-160 m3/h,40-400m3/h.,etc
  • Variable area flow transmitter, option with intrinsic safety ( Exia IIC T6) or explosion proof(Exd IIC T6)
  • Local indicator or 24V DC loop powered or 220V AC or battery operated metal tube flow meter
  • Option with alarm outputs
  • Outside of the flow meter is epoxy painted
  • Flange face to face length: 250mm
  • Option process connection: flange, thread,tri-clamp;
  • Wet parts material: 304 SUS, 316 SUS, 316L SUS, Teflon material
  • Metal tube rotameter protection level: IP65
  • Can be made into high viscosity flow meter for liquid within 300 mPa.s
  • Vertical mounting metal tube flow meter or horizontal rotameter
  • Can be also made into high pressure flow meter ( max 6000PSI) or high temperature flow meter ( max 300°C);
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