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Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge

Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge

What is a Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge?

A bourdon tube pressure gauge is one of the most common types in many countries because it can measure medium to high pressures without any further complication which makes them a very reliable option in the market. Another reason of why this gauge is used it is for the capacity of measuring spans that begins with 600 mbar to a maximum of 4000 bar.

The main element on its body is the curved tube that can be seen in the pressure gauge, this tube is called "the bourdon tube" which has a circular, spiral or coiled shape of form that allows the movement when the pressure inside the tube is significantly higher than the external pressure, and also, if the external pressure is higher than the internal pressure, in this way, a lot of accidents can be prevented.


In these actual days, there are lots of models of pressure gauges that use the bourdon tube, however, most regular models has the same features, materials, and capacity, the only thing that changes is some minor things like the case type or the display range.

  • It has a display range of 1 bar to 1000 bar in the regular models.
  • Different dial sizes available: 2.5”,4”,6”,8 inches.
  • Storage temperature starts with -40C to 70C and -20C to 70C if the case is filled.
  • Gauges with brass connections can reach a maximum of 60C and the ones with stainless steel connections reach 200C.
  • Low price cost bourdon tube pressure gauge from China pressure gauge factories.


Thanks to its accuracy and sensitivity, the bourdon tube pressure gauge is commonly used for a lot of things, however, the application will depend in the model of the pressure gauge and its material composition, for example, the ones that are made with stainless steel can be used for arduous applications that needs a high purity level. Some of the most common applications are:

  • Machine and plant engineering.
  • Gas distribution.
  • Aerospace.
  • Automotive industry.
  • Chemical and Medical applications.
  • Water, fire, heating, and waste.
  • General Industries.

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