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The Rapid Maintenance of Bourdon Pressure Gauge

To improve the maintenance speed of the bourdon pressure gauge, on the premise that the appearance inspection is qualified, the maintenance personnel may install the check list on the bourdon pressure gauge standard verification device, and slowly step up to each inspection point to observe the current situation of the pointer movement.

1. The value of the differential value of each check point is the same. The pointer may be reinstalled at the first check point except the zero, and calibrating the display value.

2. The difference is a linear error. When the error increases gradually, the adjustment screw is moved outward to increase the arm length. conversely, the inward shift reduces the arm length.

3. Slow (positive error) after fast (positive error). We should turn the core in counterclockwise direction to expand the angle between the pull rod and the sector gear; On the other hand, we should turn the core clockwise and narrow the angle. After the adjustment, the error is linear error, and then the adjustment screw can be adjusted.

4. If the pointer jumps, the partially blocked should be cleaned, or the missing teeth gear wear should be replaced, and the value of the adjusting screw fastening in corrosion or too fan gear tail must be adjusted or changed. If the needle does not move, it can be judged to be blocked or jammed, and we should clean the spring tube and table seat until smooth.

5. When the hand dial is arbitrary, maybe the spring tube and the movement connection piece is jammed. The fillet deformation card enters the center gear, the center shaft is deformed, and the shaft is rubbed against the surface. The central gear and fan gear are badly rusted. The needle and surface clearance is too small to meet the requirements of (1~3) mm.

6. The hand dial rotates. It is usually a needle with fixed hole and pointer shedding, the appearance is normal, and we can find the reason with the hand pinhole protruding part of the needle. Of course, a pointer to a non-cell can also cause any rotation.

7. If the needle reaches the upper limit of the measurement, the pointer will fall quickly or not, and the needle will run back. This phenomenon is caused by the rupture of thebourdon pressure gaugeand the failure of the spring tube, and the leakage of the first end welding of thebourdon pressure gaugeshall be re-welded.

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