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Rotameter flow indicator

Rotameter flow indicator

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    Gas flow rotameter

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Rotameter flow indicator is a type of flow meter constructed for industrial measurement of flow rates. Industries that link to liquids and steam are favorite areas of the specifications for a Rotameter. This meter allows flow detection of varying fluids with low to high temperature and pressure ranges. Also the design stability ensures the accurate and long lasting working of Rotameter. Variable area flow indicator can indicate the fluids flow rate without any power supply.

Principle of working

This type of VA flow meter consists of metallic tubes tapered in the cross-section. Steel, aluminum or brass are preferred metals for long term durability. A piston is installed inside the device which is the key factor in measurement. In normal states, the piston occupies the bottom of the metallic cylinder. When a fluid flows through the device it induces a push pressure on the piston. This push of piston is graded in a scale from 0 to 10. The greater the flow is the higher will the piston rise. A sensor detects this movement of the piston to display reading for flow rate based on a variable area principle.

Features of Rotameter flow indicator

  • 1- Simple design with easy installation technique.
  • 2- Tolerable range of temperature and pressure.
  • 3- Applicable to steam, gas and liquids measurements.
  • 4- Accurate, durable and highly sustainable design.
  • 5- Rotameter indicator can measure the fluids flow without any power supply
  • 6- Horizontal or vertical mounting position for the variable area flow indicator
  • 7- Low priced flow meter
  • 8- Mechanical flow meter

Application of Rotameter flow indicator

Such flow meters are frequently used in different industries due to their accuracy of measurements. Industries including clean water plants, municipal plants, food industry, gas and steam plants and other commercial industries that require measuring flow rate make use of Rotameter flow indicator.

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